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2021-08-02 - 12:04 a.m.

11:50pm the rising senior decides to commit to Marching Band.

She had to first text her friend tonight to discuss.

So at 11:50 ( maybe even later?) She comes to my room to wake me, steal the dog from me so the dog can cuddle up with her ( Bellatrix was not too happy and groweled and she complained that the Bellatrix hates her.. but still took her to cuddle);

and asked "Mom did you fill out the band forms? Did you even read the whole email?"

NO I did not.

This is the reason it is a good idea to plan ahead rather than make decisions at the last minute.

I mentioned that , and that I COULD have printed the forms had I known. We do not have a printer at home. (Well we technically do... just not one with ink. It is hardly worth it to pay for the expensive cartridges. I should have dropped the printer off we have at the thrift store frankly when de-cluttering. I thought of it but the only reason I did not is that at some point I let one of the teens set it up in their room and even though it is not in their room but sitting in our kitchen just kinda there on a table not functioning, the teen might be upset if I toss it as they said I gave it to them to use. They recently brought it down and asked me to purchase ink for it, which I tried but the wrong cartridges came.

I remind my teens the library is a quick drive and in 5 minutes you can print what is needed to be printed there. I much prefer doing that than having the space taken up by a printer and the expense of its maintenance and ink.

It it not worth the costs of the convenience of having my own working printer considering how infrequently we actually have to print anything.

I said I would drive the teen in the morning and I am SURE the band moms there will have the forms for just such a parent as me....


I might be able to email them to my work computer and get them all completed electronically, however my adobe reader does not have editing capabilities on my personal laptop! That is irritating!

I could complete and sign the forms electronically and then email them to the band director.
Figured that is a decent idea.
Although it gives him busy work and they guy is busy enough so I prefer to print them at the library when it opens in the morning, but in the meantime email him a copy so he has them in soft copy for the first day pf band camp.

Oh and of course there is the band fee. My kid was worried about that and I told her not to worry about it.
No fundraising done the past two years, so its heftier than usual. I am happy to support this and maybe her Dad will as well (although he has never been supportive of extra curriculars. But will ask..

Falling asleep....
Will take care of forms in the early AM. setting an alarm....

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