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2021-08-07 - 5:02 p.m.

I just bought a ticket for my artist date to see not one but two different amazing musicians that are performing together at a local winery.
I himmed and hawed (so to speak) over spending the $25 on myself for this.

Not sure why that is so damn hard.

I also WANTED To get my list of chores done BEFORE I went out.

I did have to dedicated my morning to board work; then chores so life does of course have to have balance.

Honestly this week I was too tired to be all that creative.

I NEED to carve out time for creativity.

I did enjoy my guitar lesson and a few good practice sessions since.

I am learning a Carter Family tune. I figured since my teacher is a kickin good Americana Bluegrass style player I will continue to go with him teaching me finger picking style on the old parlor style student guitar designed for sitting and stumming along as you accompany singing.

The guitar I am not playing was given to one of the now adult kids of mine living here who is generous in allowing me to borrow it for my lessons.

When I traveled to see my son I brought his guitar to him.

HOLY KIMOLE... Ok that is not really what I thought..

HOLY SHIT was my thought.... edited..

I JUST NOW learned that Control Z is the BACK feature, or rather UNDO feature on this keyboard!


for all those times I accidentally deleted the entry I just wrote.
I did it again but thought THERE HAS TO BE A KEYBOARD stroke I don't know... and played around until I discovered it.

SEE that is how I learn.

I learn by doing!

It is why I can play around with a system, operations ( when it is not the REAL LIVE mcCoy, but in development, the 'Sandbox" Fake enviroment... ) and figure out how to use systems and am really good at system testing and THEN

kicking good at TEACHING how to use a system
and REALLY GOOD at then writing a USER GUIDE

I am outstaning at that part.

But a week later it is like a whole new system.... LOL

I forget.

So that is GREAT for user testing... as a week later I have NO assumptions and when user test can give feedback on what is intuitive and WORKS for those learners like me

OR WHAT was NOT Clear in the USER GUIDE I or someone else wrote so when I go back a week later....

or even a couple days later in my case....
I can edit and tweak for clarity..

My being REALLY shitty at recall but not bad at intuitive figuring stuff out was a crazy asset on a user testing and build team.

I find that hilarious so excuse me if mentioned that before... but its cause I kinda SUCK at technology .... at the recall...but ok and muddling through because I suck at it and have to compensate for forgetting how to do shit...

Testers should Not just have experts at technolgy and only design engineers on their teams!

I think I keep thinking of this as my kids and kids of my friends now in their 20s out of college for a few years, with some work experience in these spaces now are getting mad great jobs doing the same thing I did a few years ago.

Of course they are tech experts and GREAT at what they do! So they get paid about three times what I was paid!! LOL

No exaggeration
and they are living in California riding what I think it the NEW tech bubble.

My advise is to follow solid fiscal plans.... don't daytrade on margin; recognize your income now will not be the same for the next 30 yrs... but in fact is likely overinflated so invest in long term SOLID investments as well as some risier ones... not all high risk and not all eggs in one basket AND BUY REAL ESTATE.

House flipping over the next couple years a great idea... but don't buy a house to keep long term unless you LOVE It and don't want to move for 20 yrs or more... as I really think we are headed for a few years of really great market for real estate investment ( Demand actually larger than supply)
but I think there are some vulnerabilities and actual bubbles which could be either disruptors to MAKE some mad money for while THEN burst... or just burst sooner rather than later...
but I am not real confident YET in some of the innovation market foundation of these current bubbles..
Just my uniformed opinion...
but some things folks investing in are not yet mature enough technology....

Some amazing MATURE tech is not yet really in the market enough to create capital growth opportunities. I think it need more TIME to become more ubiquitous... yes tech moves fast... but another 10 yrs so I would be VERY conservative with some of the new hot tech areas of investment... Yes AI , Bit coin, in fin tech the use of blockchain...and for marketing blockchain....
bioprinting... biotech has some interesting things I think worth long term investing in...
but hey this is the person who said INVEST IN VACCINES something like 5 or 6 years ago but then DIDN"T DO IT...
as didn't have money to do it... .(or much) except VERY conservatively and just picked the WRONG stock ticker for a vaccine. ( I did not do research. Pfizer should have been obvious but again.. I did not do any research and grabbed one completely uniformed but never got to my TO DO item of reseach that secotr and decide where I should actually put some of my retirement fund in.)

NO I let someone else manage my fund... the safe way... employee plans based on expected year of retirement and some high growth large interantional development focused funds (HUGE HIGH RISK but can get good growth in a good market... they didn't do that bad actually)..
Funny this is on my mind.

Well of course it is as I belabored a $25 ticket to enjoy two stellar musicians.

One is a lady my friend June is friends with and whom I have wanted to see live actually.

So that is my ramble for this afternoon as I vent that I have TWO broken vacumes and am not sure WHY I could not find by shop vac in the attic. I did not find my flashlight... and went up using my adjusted vision- but I think it is not there...and is in the basement.

The basement where my son's stuff was added to the closet.
Afraid it is simply behind a ton of shit so the project of getting it out was bigger than I had time for just now.

Thus the writing.

I decided to go read The Artist Way on my Artist Date, and bring a journal to write... and a sheet music book ( although I am not sure I can hear a note in my head anymore... maybe I can sing into a tuner??
HEY maybe that is a way to compose music?

I USED To have that skill... way back when.

Someone could say "Give me an E and I could sing it"

I was REALLY good at that in High school. But the use of an ear to play by ear or recognize intonation being on or off pitch and the name of a note is a skill that can get lost if not used.
And I never nurtured that gift.

Ah... I am googling ear training and came up with ear training for guitar.

That is what I currently need to work on. Found some on line turorials.

Going to watch and work a bit at guitar and go enjoy live music tonight.

I had to not miss this show. The musician I like doesn't OFTEN play my home town! And to play with my besties friend makes it a show not to miss for no reason whatsoever! IT IS OUTDOORS! I can mask.. and will!

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