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2021-08-07 - 11:29 p.m.

I ordered a vacuum. I relented and realized no one is fixing vacuums in my area. The vacume business essentially shut down the repair part as they make more money selling new super expensive ones in the local vacuum store. They claim it was out of concern for health during the COVID pandemic which I take as a convenient excuse to hard sell. Darm they give a great effort in their sales pitch.

I found a $30 motor replacement part for a Shark on line so know I can order that and try to find guidance on line to replace the motor. However I went to my file cabinet where I have a folder πŸ“‚ with a 🏷 vacuum to find the folder was empty.

I has taken the manual and receipt and warranty info out recently to review warranty and find the # to call Shark and see if I could get the vacuum fixed some time ago and of course did not follow through and set the paperwork all down somewhere. I have no idea where it is or the exact model of my machine to fInd the correct replacement motor .

I just gave in and found a refurbished Dyson on the Dyson site for $229, not too bad overall but higher than I think a refurbished one should cost. I have to clean my house and did not want to do research and belabor the purchase decision. I also was motivated as know I had not one but two shop vacuums yet can't find either. I mean it's a pretty large item. How could I misplace that?

I just really did not want to spend that now. I have been pulling from savings the past two months rather than paying bills only from current incoming paychecks while adding to savings each month. I need to save as much as possible so have a good few months mortgage payments saved , actually six months of mortgage and expenses would be ideal.

Heck that's alot of cash... I think unfortunately it would take me years to have that kind of emergency fund saved! I got a bit in my savings but no where near my goal.

Good to have that goal however.

Oh thinking of finances reminds me my kids Dad will help with band fees which is good news.

He did remind me he had paid for all the years of baseball. I just said I appreciated that and am in now for his help as finances are tight. He then did acknowledge I paid the music expenses.
I think he forgets that he also asked me to help too for baseball. He seems to remember that he paid for ALL the baseball expenses which is interesting as I distinctly recall he would ask me to pay my percentage and any extra curricular he paid I helped out with.

I also distinctly recall I had gone to buy baseball bats. I mean I remember dropping hundreds on gear to outfit the kids. $420 is in my head as the amount of a bill I was stuck with one year for three kids playing little league as they needed bats and gloves and somehow I had to buy them.

Oh I know why because at the time he was not allowing the kids to take anything he bought like that from his house to mine but they had games I needed to being them to when they were with me.

( Just to mention again as it amuses me ...Dad knew how to play baseball but not softball, so they played baseball....with the boys.
They also were never allowed to put on makeup or nail polish. I mean is it really a surprise the girls he was raising like boys now identify as boys?)

In any case I don't mean to bitch about or dwell on the past but celebrate the present that he was gracious in helping out.

That made me feel better about buying the vacuum as I really need it. After I catch up with a few more paychecks over next month or so I will also try my hand at ordering the motor for the Shark vacuum once I find the paperwork so know what model it is!

Band is expensive this year as the music program did not have the prior couple years of fundraising to offset parents having to pay fees to cover costs.

I should not have had such a hard time deciding to purchase a ticket to see my favorite local musician ( local as in the larger surrounding area but really most often playing an hour away from where I live) when he was playing here.

I am so happy I valued myself enough to take that time for me.

It fed my soul.
And I came home and wrote a bit creatively before Journaling.
Songs... I am trying to ✍ a few 🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡

I am actually really excited at what I think πŸ€” is a really clever fun creative concept$

Lol I dozed after writing "concept" then awoke to see a dollar sign there....not intentionally typed but the dose bump keyboard add which I think is a wonderful sign!! πŸ˜„



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