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2021-08-12 - 5:33 p.m.

Oh my Art just called and he is still holding out not getting vaccinated.

Yet; even though I disagree and think he is just being stubborn and dumb regarding this issue
we still had a fun conversation!
I mean with him we can spar and disagree and not always get to the point of irritation if we have not talked to each other in a while.

Off to Band performance tonight. I am SO HAPPY my kid is in Marching Band! HOT day so it is inside rather than outdoors.

Art told me to come over. I asked if he could set up TWO Easels.

If we paint outside and I am masked I think that might fit my comfort level... but I am not quite sure yet.

The thing is, I feel like heck maybe I should see him as WHAT IF he does catch this darned virus and I didn't??

That is the challenge... I am vaccinated. My family is all vaccinated.

Need to think about that ....

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