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2021-08-22 - 7:47 p.m.

My work number successfully transferred.

Eventually figured out that the account number I wrote down when I called was actually correct, but it was not identified as the account number to me so I had never provided it!

I was told to use a different number ( serial # of the device) which was incorrect when I called the support person on the 2nd occasion.

On the third attempt I wrote the account number down WRONG and it was therefore not working (one digit heard wrong!)
When I called back and asked for the account number they gave the same number I had as some other data point from a prior call.

There were MEID numbers ( a couple different ones as distinct for kind of system/service being used) Serial #

So YEAH The # now finally works on this new phone!.

Now the next challenge...
I tested with call, but then went to text and apparently when I was disabling all the extraneous apps I have NO intention of using on the work phone ( The clutter bothers me actually) I somehow did not identify the messaging app and disabled the keyboard.
OR I didn't yet chose the set up and therefore no keyboard?
not sure which....
I can make calls
But I can not text.

I can receive text! Tested that..

But if I disabled the keyboard that would be super dumb.

I just ran a factory re-set to start over. Will set up the phone and pick the sms app for messaging and THEN disable extraneous and only the OBVIOUS apps that I know what they are doing.


LOL I am sure this will fix it.

Have I mentioned of late how much I HATE cell phones???

I mean this seems like such wasted time.

I swear I would rather be watching stupid TV.
I mean I am accessible and on line when needed. It is not hard to reach me. My land line works and folks can call that.

I just think all this is so much EXTRA
and unnecessary...
but I submit.
I have to play by the rules.

Even when they are so darn silly and I swear have no added value.

Whatever... but I like the folks I work with and DO want to be available and accessible to them.

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