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2021-08-23 - 5:04 p.m.

on hold with KIA

Wish me luck.
My local dealer is full of BS.

They acted oblivious.

My mechanic I go to was well aware of this recall. I happened to call one brother of mine and he immediately pulled it up and emailed this to me.
I had been looking at a subsequent "Product Improvement Campaign" regarding the knock sensor detector that I had brought my car in for when the local dealer told me I needed a new Catalytic Convertor.
I wasn't paying $2200 for the repair as they quoted and told them it was not correct to charge me based on the information on the OTHER "Product Improvement " info sent- as even that letter referenced that if damage caused to the engine due to catalytic converter causing knock in engine, dur to part in engine block wearing, that BOTH would be replaced.

I specifically wanted them to check the engine and they kept ignoring me and acted clueless.

It is it seems under warranty if issues due to the Catalytic converter KNOWN to be bad and causing trouble.

This better not be difficult when I speak the the main office # for this.

So being patient... even more so,,,,, as months ago STARTED to take care of this by my dealer was obnoxiously feigning ignorance and I didn't have fight in me on that occasion frankly.

It just takes so much energy.

Figures the car dies on me the week school starts for the kids. My POTS kids who have little energy and act like walking downstairs and heating food or making a sandwhich is too much exertion. NO WAY They will be walking to school. Honestly that is a losing battle.

AAA towed the car; I need to look to my insurance policy as to rental car coverage when out of commission. I don't recall if I added that rider or not. I think it came to about $200 a year and I thought it might be cheaper to just rent a vehical if I need one. But that was presuming anything local I CAN BIKE TO and not assuming that I would have to drive my kid to school.

I think I didn't think about that, that I may have to be driving folks that will not otherwise walk.


I have to pay for the car repair.

The official KIA Number looked up my car records and shows the car was serviced at the dealer in 2019 JUNE 14 2019 to be precise there is a note on the records that they performed the recall service.

I asked what that meant.

Was told they ran the test and saw no issue so they met their obligation; and since my warranty expired there is no coverage for anything failing subsequent.

EVEN on a recall it seems.
That just stinks.

I will look up to be sure I REALLY brought my car in on that date. If I did I will have the paperwork.

This is a pain...

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