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2021-08-26 - 3:03 p.m.

Oops sent quick meeting invite and forgot to run spellchecker

Three typos

Dyslexic like for two out of three with flipped order of letters and the third had extra letter ( hmm also flipped bit then also on the right order. Brain clearly did not know which order and included both it seems when working quickly.

Working quickly as tired and so DONE for day.

Had productive morning of the "busy work" organization stuff...

I bought a couch kinda excited to find it marked down in the thrift store after I eyed it for weeks as I went in to pick up a guitar 🎸 I won on auction.

Happy to have my own guitar. Will re-string it soon but until then continue to borrow from my kid.

I was happy an employee at the thrift store has a truck and was happy to help deliver the couch.

Well I took a break today and realized the prior owner was a smoker. I think the smell was masked at first. I had vacuumed to discover obvious cat hair so was bummer St that and the fact I am getting allergies from the couch.

I bought it intending to replace the actual funky couch my teens have been using almost non stop for past couple years. It has a cover I wash regularly but I swear the couch STILL smells like disabled teen who doesn't bathe often enough. 😒

Sad but accurate.

I get it...a shower or bath is a big challenge for many with severe POTS.

I get is not worth expending the energy to bathe if and when it means that is all the physical activity of half that day one could manage.

That is no exaggeration.

To get up and bathe and wash hair is a chore for these teens of mine so they do it most often the night before going somewhere out of the house.

So I was thrilled to jump at the chance to buy a new couch , new for us and in much better shape.

It is an otherwise nice couch but for the fact it gave me asthma and allergy symptoms and I feel awful after resting near it. One teen of course was lounged on it and I came up to take a break and sat on the old one now next to it .

I have to arrange for the refuse company to pick up large items and did not call them yet to do so.

Well allergy medicine taken and so should kick in soon.

Back to legal research. One more hour of work as want to get something more done today I told my boss I would work on.

At least no wheezing today. I did have some the other day and used an Albuterol inhaler.

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