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2021-08-27 - 5:14 p.m.

So happy when a plan comes together.

I don't have a printer at home but volunteered to create name tags for an event. Know ing the library closes at 5pm on Friday I really wanted to get the nametags some evening so I could work on this project without pushing that deadline!

Well I did not find time before today.

Whew!! Managed to leave my house around 3pm , biked to the library and then pulled up the template and saved it in my Google docs and printed almost all the names on our RSVP guest list.

There are only a few I ran out of time to get done. I can get those done before the even which is on Sunday. At least the bulk of them are printed and look nice.

It is strangely gratifying to me to do simple projects like this.
I am very happy someone else is doing the event planning and I have just a small part. 🙂

I am amazed at her organization and the project management of this event.

I went to a New Years Eve party 🥳 once at the home of an actual quality control project manager. Let me tell you her party was the most impressive I have ever been to at someone's home. She had organized games she facilitated, great food , music. Heck there was a scavenger hunt. The thing was over the top planned and it was super fun.

So the crazy thing is I have been helping plan this retirement party and then my kid tells me he need me to move him to college the same day. He was none too pleased I called to confirm it was fine to get keys and move into dorms at 5pm rather than noon.

He tried to guilt me by me putting this organization I am part of in a leadership role over him. Really? You did not communicate and when did only after I asked for confirmation of the move in date only a few weeks ago did I realize the conflict.

Ironically as my car is in the shop driving him is a challenge! I would need to rent a car. Sure I would do that if necessary but I thought it was also a nice opportunity to spend nice time with his Dad. Regardless of past and yes even the moments if abuse I still believe in moments if grace and healing and accepting a relationship with family when and if they are not being toxic. I understand for some there is too much pain and it is not in best interest to continue a relationship with a narcissistic parent.

But I don't believe that is true for all parents that are at times completely self centered. If a parent will genuinely help you when you need it I think accepting that act of love is warranted and an important thing to do as it is being willing to forgive a bit and develop a relationship based on the present. It is a willingness to be present and move forward despite past offenses against oneself.

I just that helps heal the pain and trauma better than any therapy if one can interact in a healthy way moving forward.

Of course there are caveats and conditions as success in that is only possible if there are no strings attached when the person responds to your request for help.

The family jury is still weighing in on if there are strings attached to accepting help or if help is offered simply out of love.

My kids will figure it out in time.

But my perspective is that they do have much healthier relationships in past few years with not only their father but siblings.

It might seem at times the older kids are a bad influence my youngest. The chalkengevus siblings affect a person's growing up as much if not moreso than parents. So if one is negative and depressed ot can play into a siblings own outlook.

But I think the friendship and bonds of the kids are actually good for them. I feel like the youngest would be depressed regardless of if around her older siblings who also happen to struggle with depression 🤔.

My youngest has definitely has a hard time this past year. So good for her to be back I school.

So this afternoon it was good that the college student got help from Dadcto get the required COVID test needed within 72 hrs of moving on campus as without a car I could not bring him to get that done. He was uncomfortable taking the public bus which I was encouraging him to do. (Uncomfortable as he is still very much afraid of Covid and socially distancing although a friend came and visited a few times so not isolated but OK in tiny pod of our family and the one friend.)

I picked up the phone to see if Dad was able to drive him to college ( as he agreed to ask him despite it not being his preference). I was happy Dad agreed and hope they actually enjoy their time together.

It also makes it less stressful for me.

I am going to call to see if my car is ready. My mechanic us putting on the new Catalytic Converter for half the amount the dealer quoted.

He Saud the knock sensor detector engine code came up again.

I will drive the car to have a different Kia dealer look at that issue since the closest at Dulles Kia on Leesburg are overt liars. Warrenton or Winchester VA also have dealers so perhaps one of them will show accountability and provide actual service to address that issue which would mean a new engine if the cause is the manufacturers defect known to cause the problem.

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