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2021-08-29 - 8:29 a.m.

My car was not ready on Friday. I did not expect it to be ready actually. I knew that it was the next one in cue as they work in order of request received (exactly as I do!)

I think that is the best way to run a business, with the occasional triage when needed.

My college basement dweller almost adulting child has been picked up by his Dad to head off to school.
It is a huge help to us that he was able to do that.

I am grateful I had taken off my part time weekend job today; even though it was intended to be off to drive him to school.

He gave me the date so I requested off. I had not initially thought it would also have been a good idea to take off for the retirement party which will not be over by the time I had to leave. I initially intended to go to church then the party and just leave in time to get to work.

Yesterday I had the commitment of helping party set up. with my one task being name tag assembly after having printed most of the names on Friday afternoon.

I had about 3/4 done and had to just complete the final printing and then assemble them.

Once done ( unfortunately there may be a mess us- as with a little help from friends trying to get me out the door and done so we could all be finished as of course I was the straggler slower with my task than the rest-
Well I forgot to communicate I had one sheet aside to be careful as there were named on back that had a mistake so I just crossed off that sheet and used the opposing side. I had put a red line through it so I knew which side was good and which to ignore. But I did not mark every space on the sheet- just one quick red line. In haste to get over I think I failed to think of that plan on my part and someone (or two actually! LOL ) came to help and most definitely were helpful! (Way faster than me at alphabetizing name tags on the table!) However I forgot to mention that and think some of the folks ended up with two name tags( OOPS then I KNEW what happened!) which leads me to believe others won't have one (but their names may luckily be on the back of one of the duplicates?)

Ce la lie. I only had the EXACT amount of pre perforated templates for name tags that came with the tags themselves.

AH I just needed this few minutes to ramble in my writing to decompress after the worldwind of helping the college student get stuff out the door to dad's truck..

Necessity being the mother of invention, and all around general motivator to move and be active and do things one wants (and sometimes even NEEDS) to get done;

I biked from the party planning quickly home to grab a water bottle, down some electrolytes and pack a work dress and clean underwear to change into once arriving at work and headed directly there.

At 2:28 I pulled over on the trail to call my coworker and apologize running 15 minutes late. I arrived 15 minutes later dripping with sweat as did not have time to change out of my jeans. JEANS are NOT the best attire for biking as quickly as physically possible on a 90 degree day.

But I made it and thanks to hair spray I thought to use ( a first when biking) I was not looking that bad. I didn't have time to change for quite a while so it was what it was.

Now understand I have NEVER. I mean NEVER worn jeans to work. Damp sticky jeans were plastered to me at that.

It was kinda funny as they were so short staffed no one had time to really notice as far as the staff were concerned and the really nice fellow I was relieving was himself wearing jeans. (Nice jeans not ones looking like he just came off the farm.)

I looked like just worked in mine. LOL

I mean I first got in habit of wearing jeans more often when on the farm. (Not that they are practical as too heavy and retain moisture. Anything lighter and moisture repellant way better for any physical labor but 20 yrs ago I didn't know better)

GOD BLESS MY FRIEND! I just got a call being offered a ride from the loveliest lady. She is the party organizer. I admire this leader tremendously as she is so thoughtful, had a heart for service and thinks of others and is just an example of what a remarkable woman should be. She also was the most loving gracious military wife which is itself a tremendous act of service I admire.
I have another acquaintance here, actually the other super close girlfriend of June, who's husband is also active duty that I am reminded I should reach out to. I think she had a harder time not living on base finding emotional support.

Time to change into my dress as my church friend is giving me a ride momentarily! YEAH!
One less commute to navigate by bike.

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