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2021-08-31 - 4:25 p.m.

AHDH stinks

My phone in its case with my credit cards and bank cards is MIA.

I used it to as I picked up my car and used a credit card; then went to Home Depot where I bought some ostensible odor removers. (LIE I think... but will try the products) and detergents.

Today I threw the covers to the new (for us) thrift store bought couche and the love seat in the laundry. I think the smoke did permeate the cushions but they otherwise are in remarkably good shape for a 21 yr old couch. The couch matches my living room perfectly as the rest of my stuff was ALSO bought then!

I need to just get to the library to sign (wet signature required so they say- which is a lie as far as legal necessity but a process requirement of the bank I am dealing with so I need to follow their rules).

Its a bit annoying as I signed a mortgage re-finance and see no legit reason it can't actually be processed with an electronic signature.

Problem is that I need my bank and credit cards and need my phone when get the task done at the library. I use the phone for multifactor authentication which EVERYONE now uses in order to access the email in which the application file was sent to me. I think it was sent encrypted as well which further complicates things as I need to print it, sign with wet signature and get it back to the bank where I am applying for the refinance at a decent rate (2.24 I Think? maybe 2.34? The market dropped even further but I have a locked in rate and thats better than now.)

My monthly payments will go down about $500 a mo and i am pulling out just a modest amount of cash to fix the broken AC ( maybe) and replace windows.

Trying to figure out which is greater priority to do first. Inclined to replace all the windows first and take care of the AC another time.

HOWEVER researching to ensure the compressor problem does not ALSO Affect my HEATING.

I need a 2nd opinion and a few quotes.

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