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2021-09-11 - 2:56 p.m.

I got ready to go out to an outdoor festival. I really hoped my kids might accompany me. The awake one said no.
The other on their room I presume asleep

That child was angry and in a moment of anger spewed how I am an abusive parent gaslighting them and how they hate me so much they can't wait to move out and never talk to me again.

I asked " Why then use me to live here is you are so miserable? WHT not go live with your Dad?"

Response was
"He's worse."

This was after a meeting with a potential new school in which my kid heard me say something ( completely different from what I said) and somehow though I was implying something that I had not even considered. There is alot of that triggering happening and alot of projection going on it seems.

I worry about their mental health bit can't force the adult kid into therapy.

Therapy is a trigger word as well for them.

Ah phone short vent, nice chat now then off to enjoy an Appalachian Trail Festival for an hr or so before it ends for today.

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