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2021-09-16 - 1:07 p.m.

This on Nostalgia Fascinating. Was going to go back to work but first did a quick search as checked the last entry was saved; and saw my BUFFALO Entry discussing the interesting focus on notalgia in my guy friend and his buddy there about the events of just the day before. I think it was his friend's social attempts to create closeness and connection as the visiting of his friend's grave was deeply personal and a shared experience.

Interesting read on nostalgia. I think too my friend and his buddy I suppose ARE Lonely and needing some pick me up and motivation. Their conversations both reflect this avoidance of responsibility to me in a way and a desire for deep connection. Just my take...

My friend and his buddy did finalized some travel plans for a BIll's game. It sounded like a painful process.... LOL similar to me and my guy friend making our plans as my guy friend has to consider EVERY OPTION ( Which I find so challenging.)

IN any case- here is the article.

I was ready to just go ahead and make plans for the OCT weekend that was going to work for us to get together but in our conversations it came out that weekend is ALSO A BILLS Game my guy may want to travel to.

So I think that was a reason he was not ready to commit. Perhaps as I was not ready to jump on making plans right away when he was being romantic and suggested impacted his enthusiasm. That too is natural...
In any case, we did nail down an OCT weekend that could work but we did NOT MAKE PLANS.

I therefore did not ask for off work. FIGURES The work schedule for my part time job came out and I am scheduled the weekend we were considering. The guy was going to get back to me. Ball was in his court.

Ce la vie...
Too bad we had not nailed it down as now that weekend is out.

AS far as travel plans frankly there is a family weekend at a college my kids attend which is priority. I did not book my plans yet as needed to wait for cash flow.

Pay day was yesterday so NOW I can make definitive plans and book a place for that trip once done with work.


I needed a break as the work today is highly detailed analytic AND ( The part I hate) working on FORMATTING of a document. Copy and paste from PDF always ends up with crappy font and messed up text and requires a tremendous amount of clean up. I swear I am at times MORE Accurate in reading an original and touch typing to capture content. I flip between cut and past and then clean up the mess OR just touch typing transcribing .

OH but my keyboard is also missing.

NO Lie

I had an external keyboard I was using with my laptop and for the life of me can't figure out WHY it is not at my desk,.

THING is I brought it to work with me when went into the office. It was NOT at my desk when I went in and worked there this week one day. But possible I left it at work and it got moved?

OR possible it is here moved somewhere from when I removed it from my desk and transported it?

just weird to me I just noticed it gone when wanted to transcribe from another contract but didn't miss it until then when working with two monitors and working with two docs.

At least it is one I bought and not issued by the company I am working for.

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