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2021-09-22 - 8:52 p.m.

I stayed up too late for a funny reason.
I actually was binge watching Love Victor on Hulu. It is hilarious as not at all a show I anticipated I would watch then get hooked on and want to know what happens next!

I REALLY Thought my TEENS and young adults would enjoy it so wanted to watch WITH THEM. They had ZERO interest!


but I put it on..
one of those cringe moments of a parent trying to connect and getting it wrong.

So some time ago watched , and actually some of the kids DID watch some with me, a few episodes.
SO I turned on Hulu and there it was... popping up as first suggestion. I think I was just too tired to think and didn't even have mental energy to consider anything else but wanted to relax and decompress so turned it on. I am particularly interested in seeing how the parents navigate their son coming out as gay. The show is really well done with authentic dialogue.
They handled microaggressions very well on the episode I just watched! Brilliant writing actually as it is so realistic.

So now I have another show to watch other than my show Grey's Anatomy I watch on Netflix!! LOL Still on the very old seasons... maybe season 6 now?
I just don't watch much TV.

I DID enjoy the Queen's Gambit.

I also enjoyed watching some of Killing Eve when on vacation with my oldest kid. We were tired after being outside hiking and hitting beaches every day and one day just relaxed. My kid had to grade papers for a summer class they taught so needed to work a bit in the morning, but then in the afternoon we just wanted to continue to laze about and relax and re-charge that day so binge watched that show.

It was fun! When do not normally watch TV it is a fun relaxing thing to do on vacation.

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