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2021-10-06 - 8:06 p.m.

I was so exhausted the past few days.
I had a wonderful weekend visiting my college students! The chorus gave a concert and of course every parent is full of joy when they watch their kids perform.

I finished work around 1pm on Friday but the house really needed some tending to before I left. There were some chores I just wanted to get done so that it was not a major wreck upon my return.

I just met with my professional coach and I am so energized by having had this meeting tonight. That is the biggest surprise for me as I was utterly exhausted all day. In fact I think I have been exhausted for the past THREE DAYS with moments of energy. I had to force myself to awaken and get work done today frankly.

Driving always exhausts me. The travel just knocks me out tremendously. I am literally not functional the day after a trip typically. I get home and immediately unpack and do the dishes that were left from teens ( as I can't stand to leave them).

I was SO HAPPY That I made a decision, which almost seemed crazy after having bought THREE VACUMES this year-
to buy one of those robo vacuums when it popped up in my AMAZON feed with $100 off last week. I was ordering some medical supplies for one of my kids and when it popped up on sale ( After having been on my wish list() for $139 I went for it.


That motivated me to pick up the house the day it arrived.,, which was Mon.

I would not have had energy to vacuum with the Dyson- but it was just remarkable to pick up the floor and watch the robot do its thing. The funniest thing was that after it worked on the whole downstairs, I brought it up and picked up my room and let the robo have at it; and at some point I realized it was no longer in my room. I peeked out of my room down the hall to see it leaving the hall and entering one teen's room! HA HA HA We fight so much over my entering the teen's bedrooms to vacuum! I respect the sanctity of their personal space BUT FOR My stipulation that if they do not vacuum for months OR remove stinky laundry I WILL Enter their lairs for health reasons to do those tasks. I will change sheets and pull out skanky laundry and I will vacuum the floors! ( They are really good at not leaving dishes to be honest in rooms) I WILL EMPTY trash bags and pick up obvious trash. I pulled the robot out of the one room ( where it had entered and worked on only the first two feet of the room) put it back in the hall and it entered the OTHER teen's bedroom. BOTH teens were laying in their beds at the time and BOTH laughed when the robot had entered their rooms. They also found it rather funny. They have been forewarned. Pick up small things of importance off your floor. I have a new member of the housecleaning army. My own personal drone. I am not responsible for it's actions. I DID NOT PROGRAM IT. HA HA HA.... (I know it doesn't really work that way... but don't many wish it did??) Nonetheless... I will use my agent; and I am really HAPPY TO have someone else to enter those rooms and I will not be yelled at when it happens! (IT can even happen when I am not home!) JUST BRILLIANT!

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