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2021-10-06 - 9:11 p.m.

I turned the robo on upstairs then took the dog for a walk.
As I came up to get ready for bed I observed the path, visible by the change in the pile of the rug; which I followed to see the path of cleaning went down the hall and into the end of the hall then back following the wall into my room and through my room to my bathroom where the ROBO Drone Vacume got stuck trying to pick up a rubber glove that had been left to dry on the edge of my tub but fell on the floor.

The rubber glove got tangled in the bot.

Mission Failed.

Teen rooms not vacumed.


Leashed the bot in the hall to see where it would go. It went down the hall, cleaned the floor of teen's bathroom a bit, came out and ended up under the bed in one teen's room. I quickly went there and pulled out the slots which are designed for the bed when it is set up as a bunk bed. ( It was bunked for far longer than optimal- but separated a few years ago.)

I stashed those in the closet which teens rarely open- thinking they won't be noticed.

Teen just came upstaris as the bot is actively cleaning under her bed.
This thing is sneakily quiet. My teens commented they like the one at Dad's which yells out something like "HELP I AM STUCK"
and is noisy.
I am grateful one can barely hear this thing at work and could actually run it while sleeping.
The only downside is having to look for it if it runs out of power or gets stuck. But my home is small so only so many places it could be.

So when the teen came upstairs she said "Oh Shit!" ( have no idea why) but I do not thing that comment had anything to do with the bot cleaning under her bed.

There is a pink light one can see from down the hall but only if looking under the bed just now, and only if far enough away- as in down the hall from my room I can see the machine.

I do hear it's very quiet whir... very quiet...

DOG just heard it too... it was making noise....

now is being barked at.
The teen room intruder has been detected by Bellatrix.

Teen still not aware thankfully.

WAIT I am mistaken! I have no idea WHAT the dog is barking at as my newest Pet- hmmm...

" Droney" JUST NOW came into My room very surreptitiously! I would not have known but I got up thinking I best go retrieve the drone from the kid's room before we got busted. It is now cleaning my closet. I think the thing likes to follow the walls.
I wonder if it will go back and head from my closet back down hall to teen's room in a route with some rhyme and reason.

MISSON PARTIALLY ACCOMPLISHED.... not sure how much of the teen's room was vacumed by it- if it exited before done following the wall to hall-

BUT rather sure it did vacume under that bed pretty good.

Ah the dog is now upstairs here barking at the competition for attention. She did get used to it the other day after some time. But she is now barking at it irritated.

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