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2021-10-08 - 9:49 a.m.

The bot is missing.
Dronie was sent behind the enemy line and got stuck there.

I got busted as I forgot to retrieve her and forgot to put the couple items back on the floor where they were so the removal of dust mites was not obvious.


Totally busted.

So won only one round of battle in that the floor in that space ( even under the bed) is dust free,

But not sure where the bot went.

I enjoyed my visitor last night ( undetected by all other inahbitents but the dog!) Fortunate for me the teens were in their bedrooms around 10 pm last night when I had my visitor. We got to go down to the basement "pad" which is where my office is.

I had put the dog in the play pen thing she chills in, After he left I let her out and went upstairs and it was the funniest thing how Bellatrix WOULD NOT BUDGE from that basement door until I let her go investigate. She smelled him!
(Oh so did I after he left... LOL HE WAS a bit ripe from his work which is very physical and frankly I think pheromones' are sexy...don't mind one's natural funk when attracted to their pheromones! Seriously this is a secret of attraction- don't mask your scent! If you do how can the RIGHT people you ARE a good match with find you?? )


Bellatrix just had to go explore and sniff around until satisficed the intruder was not there.

It was hilarious.

BUT I had forgotten about the bot- and when talked to my kid, as busted and she was mad- she was not having it to let me in her room THEN To retrieve it

I let it be- sitting under her bed where it stopped ( ran out of power likely)

I forgot about it til now; as drove her to school this AM after helping get the toga on for TOGA DAY at school.


I can;t find it here anywhere.

Well.. back to work. MAYBE just maybe the OTHER TEEN Wanted to use it?

That is the best case scenario I can imagine, There WAS lots of walking around upstairs last night for a bit while I was in the basement with my company, MAYBE my other teen DECIDED to straighten room and have their's vacuumed by Droney?

I like to imagine the best case scenario.

Charger still here,,, plugged in the living room wall. Did not notice a particularly large backpack on my kid this AM...

so think it here somewhere

OK Really back to work.

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