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2021-10-16 - 2:47 p.m.

Its the simple things that can bring wonderful moments of pleasure.
Like the fact each piece of fruit in this Watermelon bowl fruit salad bought at the Middleburg Safeway is at perfect peak ripeness for a delicious juicy sweet intense pop of flavor.

The $9 Salamander Market salad I ate earlier had a surprise of a dressing with a little SW kick not expected. The dressing was not what I would have chosen but was in the packaged salad and was good.

I had a busy week so it was Fri at the earliest I could get a Covid test done this week as by the time I thought to schedule it there were no other available. So I went to CVS in Winchester to get it done and did not make it over to the noon movie and Friday early evening picks at The Middleburg Film Festival.

The noon movie was a Japanese film named Drive My Car which I really hoped to see. Forget the name of the evening, I think an Italian film about a family, (forget details!) that I predict now will be award winning!! Lol. Usually it is one of the Middleburg Film Festival picks I have bought a ticket to 'but didn.t get to see that ends up being am award winner! Ladybird, Moonlight, movie years back about a boy and tiger...

I am delighted however I made it here and enjoyed MY Main headliner

Becoming Cousteau

Ok so I missed a bit of the beginning. My CVS test results were not in so yesterday instead of going to the movies I worked ( good thing ! I actually started at 5AM working to 8:50AM when drove teen to school, then worked until left for my Covid testing appt. I didn't have anything that HAD to be done that I had not gotten done before noon. Just stuff remained that I would like to get done. Frankly one TO DO I wanted done TWO WEEKS ago but which was contingent on team work and buy in and decisioning and logistics... so I had to wait for all the other moving parts to fall into place before I could finalized it. Often in my work I am the final train pulling into the station to deliver a product after a collaborative journey. We hit some weather en route! (HA HA natural not really... but its a fun analogy; usually more like man made disasters are the hold ups...) Since no movies to go to ( as HAVE to have recent Covid neg test and vaccines to attend ) I then took the Covid test, continued to work on the would REALLY LIKE Done items and then, after a nice sense of accomplishment as got it done, drove to the college to pick up the almost adulting child of mine who only on Wed texted me:

"MOM We have a Fall break. Can you come pick me up Friday?"

And this college kid denies they have ADHD too...

News flash

If you are unaware of when school breaks are up until RIGHT before they happen, or as adult unaware of every three day weekend due to federal holidays...
You are LIKELY


So when I was at the CVS and realized it was the PCR test and not a rapid and would npt have results imminently....
Then I decided

Movies today NO

And texted teen

Yes turns out I can come get you.

Had I a rapid test done there then, I would have allowed the natural consequence occur of not having planned ahead and enjoyed my weekend then figured out if could get my kid Sun or Mon.

But turned out it was a gorgeous day and the CVS I went to was 45 min west of my home and that is 45 min closer to the college! So I was om the way anyway....
A McDonalds and a work VPN allowed me to get some work done then go on the drive.

The sun set was gorgeous while arriving in the city of the college.

We got home at 1am!

Today as the PCR results did not come in yet I was able to get a raid test right at The Salamander Resort in Middleburg to then attend the film festival.

It meant the worked to me too see the Making of Jacques Cousteau

I collected the volumes of a series of his books as they were one by one discarded from my High School library.

I loved those books.
They made me want to be a Marine Biologist.

The movie was wonderful. He single handedly did more for our environment than anyone next to Greta as he called attention to the catastrophic threat to earth from global warming.

Time for my next film!! So happy to be here on this rainy day. I like to save movies for rainy days!

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