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2021-10-20 - 9:58 p.m.

I had another productive session tonight with my Professional Coach. Just the scheduling of time to meet her once a week for an hour is valuable as it forces me to carve out time to dedicate to working on my business; and compels me to make a TO DO list of action items to follow up on in the next week; and provides accountability as I have someone to answer to.

So essentially I create my own sense of urgency-

By next WED I HAVE to : a, b, c...

Super helpful.
She commented that I am exceptionally productive in a short time.
I suppose so...
I just work that way.

When it is time to get something done and I have a limited time frame carved out I just jump in and do it really efficiently.

If I have unlimited time I tend to take longer, procrastinate, or worse think about it but never start!

I need to once again focus on discipline!

I realize I have not been practicing guitar in part as I had a morning routine, and was fitting it in- but that was AFTER the morning run
got nixed when I sprained my ankle some weeks ago.

Dr. Fauci my neighbor and I were enjoying running together-- a couple times..
but I quickly got hurt and then had to bail on that plan.

Funny I have not heard from him since.

Which is OK. I will be in touch when I can run again and need an accountability partner!

He did seem to have reasons he wanted me to come over to "help him out" during those weeks we were running.

Things like-

"Come help me decide which picture to hang; I ordered a couple and need to decide where to hang them."

I did swing by, gave my input and quickly left.

I brought Bellatrix with me and took her on her walk but stopped by here and there. We did have a few nice visits over those weeks. It was nice to reconnect.

After having chatted with the young lover on some social media I noticed some mutals... I wasn't intentionally looking but a few were visible and one that popped out - just kinda jumped out, is Dr. Fauci's daughter! It was a little weird to realize the younger man in his 30s is actually the same age as Dr. Fauci's older kid. YUP

We have a large number of shared connections- same community, town, so that is not too surprising. But what I also realized is he is ALSO the same age as former lover Henry's oldest kids.... and yes one of them popped up on the connection page; and he is friends with my bestie's daughter ( same age as my oldest-- ok a little older)

So its just a little weird to have among his friends the children of TWO ex lovers of mine. The funny thing is THEY don't really know ME- but I know much about them from their fathers speaking of them. I mean I know ALOT about them. Parents do dish about their kids. MY KIDS HATE THAT and ask me NO TO DO THAT. I have said it is a parent's RIGHT to talk about their own world with their friends and their family IS Their own world, so some intersection has to be accepted- and reasonable for parents to talk with a few close friends about family issues, including those of their children! My kids ask me not to share their personal business. I try to honor that... and I guess considering my kids are now entering into adulthood I understand that is important to them and now seeing the interconnectedness of lives.... and knowing the stories of some of these friends of this 30 yr old man... makes me see their point a bit more clearly.

If kids are easy that request is easy to honor.
Fortunately my kids really all are pretty great.
No big issues thankfully!
When they were younger there were more issues, but things have settled down as they grew.
It is when the kids have gone through some shit; and then the parents too of course are navigating their kids issues- that the parents have to vent!
I know this peer group of his sorta- they really were a good group of kids now grown into fine adults. It just is so funny to me.
I am trying to not obsess.... LOL

I had a great couple days actually and have been super busy. Off to bed now!

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