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2021-11-08 - 10:51 a.m.

I gave up optimism of my work phone suddenly appearing.
I swear I left it EITHER on the shelf by the front door (Which Is what I swear I remember and it is not in that area) or in my car. The thing is I did depart from my routine and when heading out for a Dr. appt with my kid- had it in hand and took it with me. Because I was stopping work and inadvertedly carried it upstairs but also had no idea where in that moment my PERSONAL phone was. I have finally gotten in the habit of bringing my personal cell phone with me and it felt weird to go without any phone! THAT is a recent shift for me! I used to not carry the cell phone much at all. I kept it for when traveling. I mean I HAVE a land line and tell everyone I prefer they use that.
I have given up hope it will show up and I just ordered a new phone. Will have the number moved.
Humbled myself and sent email to work peeps to call my home # if they need me.


Life with ADHD.

I will DEFINATELY NOT Take this phone out of the house except when go to the office in future.

It can stay right on my work desk and never move except those few days working in the office.
That works for me.
I just need to stick to what works for me.

It is just annoying; as I don't really think I actually lost it to be honest. I feel like the phone mysteriously "disappeared",

Ce la vie... moving on and not worrying too much about it. The phone has no internet and therefore no tracking on it. I never even turned on location services.

LOL That is kinda funny.
I mean it makes me feel more COMFORTABLE having a phone WITHOUT any connection to ANY Email or accounts or anything EVER On it.

There is no data whatsover at risk
as I never held ANY Data on the phone whatsoever. So the risk is that it makes me hard to reach- but really NO risk of that as my land line works AND my personal cell phone works. I AM Accessible and also on line for work regularly every day so can be reached and responsive which is what matters. I GET IT DONE. TIMELY... so the lack of this phone is not really an issue. I just WANT a 2nd line as DO want to segregate work from home phone use. I DO want to know it is not a line anyone else can pick up and is secure ( which I don't trust land line is with the clicking on it constantly.) Hell there is a screen capture flash on this personal laptop so maybe there is NOTHING secure...but at least I can TRY to have that work phone separate and secure. Mainly secure from being carried everywhere with risk of me losing it!! The 2nd work phone is so when NOT WORKING I don't take it out of house and lose it! SO I am rather positive the first phone got lost because I did just that- deviated from my RULE Of leaving the work phone AT HOME if I leave in a moment of taking a kid to the allergist.. (Honestly am typically home during work hours so leaving the phone securely here is the best way to always know where it is.) Ce la vie...have to move on and let it go.... it can be replaced.

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