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2021-11-14 - 6:35 a.m.


I am literally really focused on church business this AM.

Seriously digging in...
thinking of workshops ; how to invigorate teens who are socially aware and active to be so WITHIN the church community and not DISENGAGE from religion
seeing organize religion as non relevant

GOD is still the foundation He/SHE/THEY has always been

and there are even churches out there that recognize God is not defined by a gender! LOL That concept was hard for me frankly...
Heck it was a UNITY Service where the pastor would call God 'HER" that I first encountered that thought and it took me a while to be OK and open with it frankly-


So the thing is FAITH IN GOD
and being ACTIVE IN CHURCH SHOULD NOT be antithical to all the fullness of our lives

So those are my thoughts when I THEN

open up email ( to send email to church folk on teen ministry, then after I send it I click my email from
Astrology Answers Horoscope - sure Junk email- but for me sheer FUN, and I get a hearty laugh as I read this- and its crazy spot on!! LOL HILARIOUS.

"Nov 14, 2021 - The week is winding down and the stars are giving you the day off from work to focus on other aspects of your life. Yes, you love being on top of yourself more than most other signs, but you don’t need to let it rule your life, or at least let the pursuit of it shove your desires onto the backburner.

The emotional Moon is moving through Aries and your sensual 8th House of sex and intimacy, so even if you’re trying to put your nose to the grindstone certain more, uh, pressing matters might call for your attention. If you can’t ignore the sexts blowing up your phone feel free to answer; there’s no need to ignore when you can get back to work in a few days.

Enjoy today for what it is; you’ve always been better than most at enjoying yourself so there isn’t any reason why today should be any different."

OH LORD that is too funny!! Especially as sexing is not a past time I have been in habit of.. umm.. no....cracking me up here... and never before initiated but I was the one who actually did initiate that just days ago in a hilarious, mocking yet effective way- and then my social media DID BLOW UP and I had to block ... HA HA (AGAIN What is freaky of that is that is was a MESSAGE not a post- but a so called "private msg" so know algorithms are still picking up that content!! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY.)

and YES PLAYFUL SEX is BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, LIFE AFFIRMING And not antithical to being a religious believer of GOD who proclaims
that the only way to REALLY Ever be happy is to know God's Got your BACK!

The BIBLE also has some of the most sound sex advice there is:

Though shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife

and read Song of Songs 7 6 Sex is to be a celebration of your love

Proverbs 15-20
Love your wife Don't fuck around with another
and celebrate the beauty of sex without being unfaithful.

Pretty simple guidance.

There are also myraid stories of the dude heading somewhere and seeing the fair maiden of the field then lying with her an taking her as his wife... yes in that order...

When you read it carefully.
I mean there is alot of sex in the Bible...
and it basically says don't engage in debauchery or immorality.

Heck we have clear understanding of the meaning of that- Enough examples sadly of our public figures Immoral acts-

It is pretty clear the bible was condemning sexual VIOLENCE
the PERVERSION Of what sex is intended to be!

This is a pretty good article on the topic of homosexuality from Christian perspective- which says it is BS to use the bible to condemn homosexual relationships. Likewise is it ludicrous to think of sex as a sin in instances when it is not within marriage and it is not violent; is not cheating and is not hurtful to self or another.

There is this interpretation of Leviticus to consider-

AH YES So I have had an amazing few days fulfilled both with good sex and wonderful prayer life and service in my church!

I do not see those as at all incompatible!

What astounds me is that the stats are NOT NEW - I am SURE IT IS NOT NEW that more folks have sex BEFORE marriage than not! Evangelicals at 80% THAT IS THE EVANGELICALS!!

Interesting article on that-

Wow they still believe it a sin! I think that just crazy; especially as there is understanding of sex development being a gradual and natural thing on a continum...


and the more you learn the better you get...

and truth is.. the more fun it becomes. Kinda like anything else!!

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