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2021-11-16 - 8:17 p.m.

I hate having just a shitty memory.
I completely FORGOT this morning is my day in the office.

I logged in at 9AM sharp to start working. I fortunately remembered this after working for at least a half hour; then taking a break to make breakfast as I was hungry so fried up some eggs and made sandwiches ( left one for my kid); then go back to organized the tasks -
and I REMEMBERED suddently that it was my day in the office.

I knew that yesterday. I was mindful of it then- I was planning for it

I am grateful for the calendar reminder -
so at 10 AM I quickly changed out of the yoga pants ( REALLY ) and fuzzy socks; threw some body spray on ( yes- cheapo Bath and Body works overly strong scented vanilla... but I HAD NOT SHOWERED)
left on the sweater I was wearing and headed to the office.

I was there by 10:30.


It was a good day but I honestly felt mentally foggy today. ONe of those days so I spent time catching up on administrative tasks that are not a mentally heavy lift but just take TIME to get done; things like filing, organizing email, updating templates with recent regulatory changes that needed to be all contracts. I knocked off a number of things on my task list ( oh and signed two contracts which had been percolating and finalized today)- so yeah; a good day.

I had awoken at 4am on Sunday morning and never went back to sleep and between that and the prior Thu night being up super late I think I need to catch up on sleep
So going to bed imminently.

I was so glad a friend I spoke with blew me off ( he forgot) - which was ok- I forgot about plans we had talked of LAST week and recalled after.

I kinda love that I have a couple ADHD friends as we get it and don't take it personally and forgive each other!!


So when I called to see if our plan to meet for a bit tonight was on- he had clearly forgotten the conversation a week ago to just re-schedule for this Tue- and that I would find some suggestions of where to meet and send an email. He clearly never read my email.

HE told me he's been really distracted and busy with family- his kid is with him-
and he was making travel plans to head to Fl for about 10 days.

My friend was a coworker who got canned even before I did at one place;
and I wanted to meet and try to cheer him up as he just got fired a few weeks ago/

He was trying to recruit me to work at the new company he had been hired at- and it was too far of a commute and i wasn't excited by reading about what the company was doing so turned that down.
Now he is not there so good thing I didn't take a job just because I DO enjoy working with him. He is the nicest person.
We had a blast at the Christmas party one year.
and would go to lunch periodically - my work buddy.

He also has gorgeous eyes and is a very handsome man but as I worked with him I ignored any attraction whatsoever. Not that it was not there

He obviously was attracted to me- and evidenced at the Christmas party-
but here is the thing-
they traditionally had an AFTER Party with a group of super fun peeps--

A VP; The comptroller a couple execs...and I was hanging with that small group and they were clear I could continue with them... but here is the thing... I am a NON DRINKER for the most part- and they are HEAVY drinkers clearly.
He was happy I was giving him my allocated drink tickets before the bar closed.

But I am not interested in a heavy drinker He might not normally be but seemed to me based on the amount of alcohol his body was quite comfortable with his is a regular drinker to me....

so NO GO even when we are no longer working together.

That was a decision long ago...
So this is my friend I am looking forward to catch up with.

So here is my lament-
My ADHD feels kicked up today...
brain fog... not recalling things...

I scheduled a medical appointment for one kid that falls the same day as a Professional Conference I am attending that my workplace is paying for. (They would have paid for hotel but it is a reasonable drive so I want to go home and drive back- Its a two day conference in a nearby city. NOT unreasonable drive).

So I have to move that appointment tomorrow.

I made plans to meet my work buddy at 5pm the night I also have to be at church at 7pm/ That WILL WORK but I kinda feel bad as it may feel a bit rushed.

We will have an hour and a half.
I was hoping to walk around the town we opted to meet in and enjoy the stroll and pick out where to sit and visit after scoping out the area * which has lots of restaurant/bars to choose from -some still have outdoor seating which I enjoy; some have live music which I love. That would be better to do if we had more time. I may just amend plans and pick a place and tell him we will just eat there which he is fine with as he said "whatever you want to do".

I so love when hanging with easygoing folks without huge egos who don't have the need to control every decision or be in on every decision- but where it is a real give or take.
He takes charge when its something he knows about and feels like it..I have seen him bossy! LOL In a work lunch with limited time he took the lead as he knew the area. He used to work tons and lives in a different town that where we worked- and we are meeting in the middle of where he lives and where I live- in a town he is not familiar with but I am. So I take the lead on these plans.

So it will be fun to catch up with my friend.

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