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2021-11-27 - 6:36 p.m.

This is so good!

My oldest recommended this podcast and I never listened to it yet. It was months ago when I bookmarked it on Spotify.

Today I undertook the task of giving Bellatrix a bath and then the lengthy process of sitting brushing out the mats in her hair.

As I sat I listened to the music my lover recommended. It was so lovely to sit and discover that and it was wonderfully relaxing to listen as I worked on each matted bit of hair ( which was a monumental task as admidt its been far too long since I brushed her completely out. I get about 2/3 of the way and she loses patience and then the spot just under where her tail waggs gets neglected! Today I made it further than usual to get out some of the tangles there. Tomorrow I will finish and get the rest of them out.)
I just haven't had time to sit with her and do this for a long time.

So I finished the brushing of the dog and am going to go fold laundry. I had taken a break to make a salad and ate it, then enjoyed a piece of black forest cake with some ice cream and the ice cream made me so cold. I boiled water for a cup of tea then went downstairs to throw all my clothes worn, the towel from the dog's bath and a few other things in the laundry while I changed. (I always do this as don't want any possibility of fleas! I FELT A bite as was bathing the dog!! Just one... she has a flea collar on, but maybe on today's walk it just hopped on for a ride... so I also after each bath spray a natural oil flea killer which smells of cloves and should get any interlopers that chemicals haven't yet knocked out).

Nothing feels better when cold than grabbing a warm shirt fresh out of the dryer! That was so comforting!

So after changing I came back up to first sit and mend the velcro that holds the dogs winter coat shut. It has ripped off the coat- seam ripped and needed mending to get it fastened back on. I decided to turn on a podcast so choose the one I haven't listened to.

Perfect topic! I so love listening to this! So back to my mending and then to continue listening as I fold my laundry.

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