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2021-11-27 - 9:06 a.m.

It feels so good to have a couple days off without any agenda.

The last time I had a weekend free I went hiking and it was marvelous. I really wanted to get out to a mountain during the Fall.
I hiked a spot which has become a family place for me as it is the mountain we have hiked on Christmas Mornings.

At some point I made it a family ritual to go out for a hike on one of the local beautiful mountains on the high holy days.

We have a spot we have gone to on Christmas Morning; after everyone has awakened and opened presents we get dressed and go for a hike. The thing is we never have made it ALL THE WAY To the top in my memory as a family. When I hiked it myself I was so happy with how amazing the view was and suddenly understood why that is a popular hike.

The beauty of hiking in winter is that it used to be a hike the serious hikers knew of- and they are up early in the mornings; so the path was cleared a bit which helped us; but it was not THAT Popular so we could go hike as a family and be alone on this glorious mountain!

I am sure it has become more popular in recent years; but it is also was Fall with trees at their peak on the mountain when I hiked so not surprised I did see more folks on that mountain than ever before. What surprised me most of all was how many DOGS were there! I brought Bellatrix with me and she was a trooper! SHE LOVES HIKING
She also has the most wonderful trail etiquette! She is so indifferent or else friendly but not obnoxious when she meets dogs on the trail. She is also like that when we are on our runs.
It is only when behind the window she is the typical yappy terrier!!! She is a Yorkipoo- but the terrier comes out when behind the window gazing outside when she sees other dogs and barks to communicate with them. It's like she is saying "HELP COME RESCUE ME... I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU!!!"
with such extreme dramatic urgency.. the crisis of being enclosed in the house too much for her to handle and she can't contain herself at the thought of freedom.

This dog is a hoot.

OH that reminds me of the other task today: Search for more reinforcements for my fencing. Those little garden fences are good- as have gaps the dog has slipped out of to run around behind the neighbors houses then into a grassy space. She has been bad lately! Not staying in the back yard when we let her out but taking off and running. She cuts through my fence; through the next door neighbor's yard and fence, then sometimes through the fence to the woods of the adjacent farm behind me.( I have a great view of trees from my bedroom window and my back porch).
Then she runs around the woods behind me; then comes back.

I didn't mind that as it is not bothering anyone and there are woods she stayed in- she didn't venture far.
HOWEVER lately she had gotten more bold and runs behind the houses where there are other dogs! She is barking at them- SO I can't let her do that! EVERY TIME she hears this one dog come out she wants to go run there. The dog is not friendly and gets anxious so the owner did not let them interact. BECAUSE my dog does not know that dog it is making my dog CRAZY To get to know that dog! IT is the funniest thing as my dog is fine with the dogs she has met and had interaction with. They are chill... they just kind of acknowledge each other, sometimes play a bit then don't . They don't bark at each other! She is buds with the next door neighbor's dog who is adorable- a fluffy thing ( I forget breed.) SO PRETTY with auburn soft curly hair and the cutest pup!
But it is the one dog Bellatrix has not been able to play with that makes her go crazy! Nature I guess...
withholding something for some weird reason makes it more desirable.
That which is off limits has an allure the known does not. So funny!

My chores today will be catching up on the laundry folding. There is a nice table that has become just the laundry table but I love when I clear it and have the possibility and idea it could be used for something else!

I also need to pick up some carpet cleaner and want to run the carpet cleaner. Good idea to do that once in a while with a pet!!
Then when the afternoon sun streams in the windows; it will be time to give Bellatrix a bath and comb her out.
I do have to brainstorm and figure out good Christmas gifts for each of my kids. Some bill paying and on line shopping on the agenda. I don't want to go anywhere! It love just being home when it is quiet!

I had a really lovely Thanksgiving Day with the one kid who remained here. One stayed at school and the other two went to enjoy a few days with Dad which is nice. I hope they also have opportunity to see other family- their aunts are super nice and I like both very much. They have a couple cousins that live pretty close and I have encouraged them to be more proactive in reaching out to their aunt and uncle and cousins over the years- but my kids won't. I have suggested inviting them to events and being interested in their cousins more. I think it is such a lost opportunity to have family close but not be closer to them. I don't quite get that.
But I shouldn't be complaining as I could have reached out more as well...
I even have a cousin of my own that lives only an hour away I never talk to or see. We used to go over each others homes as kids pretty often and went camping together as a family every summer so were close enough growing up.

She is an awesome person and has a beautiful family. I guess truth be told I am closer with my aunt than my cousins. I always talked to my aunt. She is just the absolute best. She is still my #1 supporter no matter what I am perusing in life ( next to Dad!)

So my kids do have some awesome family that I hope they enjoy company of.
My brothers are with my Dad; and my oldest kids is off with family as well this year. I was glad I got to visit with my oldest just last week. My son spend the holiday with his girlfriend and her family and sounds very happy.

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