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2021-12-13 - 6:37 p.m.

I have to post this as can't believe it-
My prescription that was not ready on Monday early afternoon was still not ready. I knew when I went on Monday that my Dr. must have once again failed to have the follow up of prescription to the pharmacy.

Definitely a problem with their process. She had EMAILED the prescription REAL TIME in her system. In past years this worked.

I am less irritated actually with the nurse practitioner and the nurse at that practice now that I saw the Dr. and the SAME thing happened again.

THRICE times so far.
What is weird is that the prescription for whatever taken for the poison ivy and an inhaler at one point WERE filled in the past.
It is just so odd.

I will call her office AGAIN tomorrow to have that called in YET AGAIN.

Sunday afternoon I so hoped my older kids would have some enthusiasm for helping to clean the house and decorate a Christmas tree. They did not.

A friend of mine suggested I pick up lego ornaments-and a lego wreath and see if that captures their interest.

Good tip from my geeky friend. The only other one who happens to have Tardis lights on his tree. He posted a pic one year and they were very familiar as were a gift I bought for one kid.

He also had a Weeping Angel on top. NOW THAT just might make them get enthusiastic about decorating. This was my college boyfriend who called to ask my address as he is actually sending out Christmas cards and he decided to call to catch up. We chat every so often (every few years typically!)
It has been fun connecting via our college radio group through Zoom during Covid.

It was a slow day at work thankfully, so I was able to get some administrative stuff done EARLY and worked just the ACTUAL half day. Kina relaxed and putzed around...

connected with lover boy virtually.

I have to say being single but not in a serious relationship, but in the EARLY stages where the chemistry is hot is indeed one of the absolute BEST parts of a relationship. I mean I think I want to hang onto this phase as long as possible LOL Here is the joy of non-commitment re-surfacing. ( BUT ITS TRUE! COMMITMENT TOO EARLY CAN KILL THE INITIAL BUZZ OF THE EXCITEMENT OF THE UNKNOWN!! You have to peel the layers of the onion slowly; not bite right in!)

But it is true; even when fall for a guy. I love my freedom to just be lazy on a Sunday when tired. Not to HAVE to do ANYTHING. That gets killed often when in relationships. Why can't people couple up and give each other the GRACE to just NOT BE ON POINT and have DOWN TIME to just BE.

Why can't people be content when TOGETHER in each other's orbit without having to interact all the time?
I mean I know I get excited when I hear from him and verbose... LOL

I mean he texts one thing and in my excitement I text back unfiltered just like I write. I don't pretend or have pretneses or play games. I am 100% authentic

and its familiar when he after a point just sends the honest "too many words"


It actually makes me laugh.
I like BEST when we have an actual phone conversation or see each other but am enjoying this. The thing I like about the conversations are that they are in fact not too long. I mean truth be told I am not a phone person.

I get a bit impatient. Not like my Dad who is done talking in about 10 to 15 minutes. He has this knack of authentically connecting quickly and personally deep with people so they feel valued and heard ( like Mr. Rodgers! NO kidding) but then gets OFF the call in record speed. The efficiency of it is remarkable. Same trait actually of my fav doctor the Ob GYN who retired.

I mean you connect, emotional need met, or physical need met- til next time.

Not alot of interaction NEEDED in between.

Its so funny to me but that is undoubtedly the way I AM. Now in my kids their need for alone time is pronounced compared to me,

Just here to write quickly then off to practice guitar. I am jazzed ( LOL ) to learn a punk rock song from an icon that my Dublin musician friend honors. He posted this song and I realized it is TWO CHORDS - I mean maybe a third one in there somewhere? But the repetition of two different variations of the chords with two guitars playing!! I am going to learn it and then tell him he has to learn it so we can play it together on one of our radio group zoom gathering calls some Friday night. My friend I chatted with said we all should learn the words
He first said "I'll market the event"
and I was like
OH no--- our private zoom... not talking event here like we used to market in college!! LOL I am not that kinda guitar player yet!!

Hell No-
not yet.

Just our group of the few who show up- maybe a dozen of us are active but at any given time usually three or four on a call. Different three or four. Rarely more- but on occasion up to six at a time for our Friday zoom Covid gatherings as folks join then drop off and in a couple hours the config changes. Its been fun and we haven't had one of those calls in a while since the rest of life has resumed so are due. We all said we want to keep it up once in a while as it has been really awesome, With so few on the calls we indeed had some very real conversations and got to know each other more intimately as friends moreso than acquaintances which has been really a nice surprise. We alll kinda worked on various projects/shows together over the years or navigated in the same social circles in different roles.

I knew I needed a motivator to keep focused and disciplined and moving forward with my practice- so this song is it! (Enough nervous procrastination... need to pull forth my best 80s Rock Icon possible.)

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