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2021-12-17 - 8:18 a.m.

The fun horoscope read right before a nap- after having JUST
Registered my business in the state of Virginia today:

"Dec 17, 2021 - There’s been a lot going on lately, there is no doubt of that, Virgo, and frankly it’s more than a little impressive how well you’ve been handling things. It wouldn’t be all that shocking as though you’ve felt caught between two worlds; one where you want to just have fun and indulge in your desires all day, and another where you’re really trying to forge ahead with projects and manifest something major, but trying to find a balance, or at least make a choice, has been more than a little difficult.

Well, get ready because the Universe is going to be sending you a watershed moment where you get to finally make an absolute choice as to which path you want to follow. It looks, however, like the universe might already know what path it wants you to follow, and it looks like it’s the clean and organized professional path. Put on your hiking boots; it’s time to do some major walking."

Pretty accurate I would say. I awoke at 3 is as my DOG woke and was a bit irritated she wanted to go outside and was relentless. I took her out so she would then chill and go back to bed -which she did. BUT I WAS AWAKE and thinking of things I had to do. So eventually after some time I decided to just get up and DO Them.

I renewed my hosting domain for my business; and got the registration done in the Virgina State Corporation Commission site, and sent out the logos created and submitted to me for consideration to friends to get input. I hired a gal who is exceptionally talented who I used to work with to design my site. The first thing she did was sell me a branding package as well. (Talented and a smart business person as that seemed like a very good idea to have a logo and tools for marketing.) She created three logos and I do like one better than the otherkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...

HA HA FELL ASLEEP Here... on the k key... lol

Now a nap before need to get kid to school and continue to wrap up project for my employer.

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