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2021-12-21 - 6:02 p.m.

I should have known not to wait to 6pm to decide to go grocery shopping.The parking lot was packed with actual lines at the red light to the road winding up into and through a parking aisle.

I just do not feel like navigating a crowded store.

So as I was super hungry I came to the Subway in town and ate a Steak and Cheese sub. Head in a sugarbuzzso it feels just from lemonade and half a cookie as well as the sandwich.
I had a nice day!
Worked a few hrs tgen compelled to take a break when got msg from the beautiful man.
Got a call this AM that windows arrived saying " We can come tomorrow"

I replied "Great!"

So after my last hour if work today I heavily pruned back a couple bushes in front of my home which were too close to the windows.

I was in such a good mood! So pleased to have had energy to get it done!

I tell you I was exhausted yesterday! On Sunday I cleaned my house and got the Christmas decorations up then put all the storage containers back up in the attic. It was such a physically active non stop day which started off with singing in the church chior. I waa gladI finally got it all done but it was 10or 10:30 pm when finished. I shoukd have gone right to bed! Was up then doing some on line shopping as I dont actually have gifts for all my kids yet. I have just a few things for some of them. I have no good ideas for two if them frankly.

So Dr. FAUCI had asked me if I would mind giving him a ride to the airport sone weeks ago and I said "Sure". His flight was a 6am Yesterday morn. So after the crazy whirlwind day of chores and falling asleep stupidly late around midnight I woke at 3am to drive to and from the airport.
I was back in bed at 5am and slept til 730. Took Bellatrix for a walk and started work early as my weekly report due by 830 at latest. I prefer to get it done Friday afternoon but Fri I was deep in a technical Doc that needed such heavy edits that I was not done working til 8:30 pm. Now I did break up that day of work.. so it was not all work ( Dr. Appt too I think? A kids?) But still a long week of work last week and then on Sat I worked my part time job.

So I am just taking this break to rest and write for a bit.

Oh now I recall break Fri...not Dr. Appt but ALSO work. It was an afternoon call for MY business going over logo options with the marketing guru I hired who is amazing.Anyway by mid morning yesterday I was fried.
Brain fog
Made a few stupid mistakes a row...and in emails and knew needed to sleep.

Had a good nap from around noon and woke at 3pm. Problem was again had ro dig into work to get this dang project that was requiring intense anslysis done. I JUST COUKD NOT DO IT IN AM when got tired. But in afternoon and evening after the nap I was good!

Got it done.
Mind was sharp.

I had such good energy then today.

But, after I walked in the door excited to have pruned the bushes as nothing as motivating fir me as a sense of urgency and deadline-

If have to get it done I find the adrenaline to get it done,

I was pleased my teen who was in room sleeping I presume all day ( as was awake last night) was awake and I said
" They are coming to replace the windows tomorrow. You need to move the furniture away from the windows in your room."

Now I was excited
Til my teen said : "that's impossible"

No. Its really not impossible.

I am just so disappointed this kid was not EXCITED we are getting new windows.

I was told I should have given advance notice as they need more time to get ot done.

True that would have been nice. Agree...

But the company is available tomorrow...
And I am willing to bet they are booked months out and truth is had a small window to fit a small job in.

I did not expect to be scheduled for months! I welcome this gift.

But dang this kid makes me feel deflated and exhausted.
Negative energy is just so exhausting to be around! No wonder my kid is tired all the time as they are immersed in a negative space and way if being.

I try to counteract that but it is so hard and just draining to have tge negative put downs of anything I am positive about.

I do not have energy for grocery shopping. Its been an hour so maybe by now it will not be that the rush hour home from work commuter crowd are all at the store in this small town at the same time.

I will buy some basic essentials( bread, veggies ,cheese, frozen chicken paddies or tenders) then do prep for the windows install. I offered to help my kid to move their desk from their window, who declined the offer and uttered their religious teen mantra of "Don't touch my stuff " which is really an extension and more advanced form very similar to the first developmental kinda early adolescense stage of a three yr old's chant " mine !mine! mine!"

Will see how this goes. I will get it done, all but the one small bedroom.

I was glad to say "Yes come tomorrow! " thinking it was perfect timing as the other kids are all visiting with their Dad at his house.

It is impossible to get things done when they are home.

Too bad they were not ALL visiting Dad!

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