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2022-01-02 - 11:42 p.m.

Darn dust mites. I went to my attic just the week before Christmas to pull out decorations and get my house ready for the holiday. I also pulled down two bins of winter clothing. I pulled a sweater out of a bin and put it on and was reminded not to be so dumb ( immediately itchy. ) So much for tightly sealed protective bin....

I just let the bin sit there and this weekend washed a few loads of the winter clothes it. On Christmas Eve I finally pulled out the last item for holidays- the box filled with rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. I took a roll out and immediately had a row of intchy bites on my left forearm! I MEAN IT WAS IMMEDIATE.

I QUICKLY JUST OPENED UP THE ATTIC DOOR and put the whole box of wrapping paper back in the attic and washed my forearms well. Then I was relieved to find a tube of the prymethin ( or some such...close enough) cream from last outbreak from those attic dwellers. I put it in forearms only figuring if caught the buggers fast and immediately it should be effective in prevention of then getting all over the freakin place. I think it worked....
I also laundered my bedding.. sheets at least.

But somewhow I just got an itchy bite on my chin and upper arm! Now no further issue- until now.

and... I just went in the basement and did two things: My basement dweller kid told me she smelled mold and said we need the dehumidifier on. I had put it in storage for winter. I told her I smelled the mustiness too but only noticed it a couple days ago and I cleaned the bathroom Sat morn, emptied trash and flushed the toilet- which has an annoying low flow mechanism such that if one only flushes one time it does not completely flush! That particular toilet does not always, but often needs to be flushed twice! Now the srudent living down there has NEVER listened to me and honored my request to flush the darn toilet twice!! I assumed source of stink and mustiness was the unflushed toilet. I frankly chose to just empty trash, flush and then clean the toilet to immediately take care of the issue.
I figured problem solved....

So I get this complaint and responded "You have to do the laundry, if it still smells there must be something wet in that hamper. "

I had what is really a round trash bin being uses as a hamper for dirty kitchen towels and napkins that I had been using for years in my kitchen. I left it downstairs when doing laundry and my kid started using it for their dirty clothes in the bathroom down there. ( Fine by me.)

My kid said "There is nothing wet in there."

Stubbornly was not agreeing to go check. I went downstairs and pulled the dehumidifier out of the closet it was in and set it up.

And then I checked the bin with my kid's laundry and sure enough that was the source of the problem. I had thoroughly cleaned the bathroom Sat. except for the shower and left the laundry for my kid to be responsible for.

Tonight I just dumped it in the machine , but not before walking upstairs to show my kid the wet items ( since he was in denial of reality).

Then I washed it. He was in the middle of giving his sibling a hair cut. The clippers on...

The one other thing I did in the basement was open a storage space door for air circulation there and turned on the light in that space. Not sure if a regular lightbulb has any mold inhibiting properties but it can't hurt!

I just did the laundry as it has to be washed right away.

So bummed I again had a few obviously allergic reactions on my skin in form of what look and feel like bites. Source likely basement- one of the two storage areas I was in OR my bedding! I washed the sheets but not the comfortor of fluffy throw blanket on top of it.

So annoying!! Last year I was in a war with the dust mites and won battles before running out of ammo.
I am still defensively well armed. But I obviously did not win the war yet as they stealthily emerged. Its annoying as I swear the one basement space where the boiler sits its really remarkably clean looking. I mean I have mopped it and there is not visible dust or dirt. But these critters are sneaky!

So glad to have bought some foggers never used.
Once kids not here, but all out of house and back to school I will finally put off the pest removal foggers! One in the attic and one in the basement and one in my room. I know I bought a couple three pack! I will also waah my comforter and throw as well

Dang and it's crazy late.. back to bed.

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