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2022-01-25 - 2:56 a.m.

I need to purchase a new laptop if I can't reinstall the wi fi driver that crashed.

Fortunately I am making great progress on my new business regardless as I had wisdom to outsource my own marketing. I have a pro handling my social media and web design for my company.

My goal this week it to be super efficient for my work for my employer and really work only 20 hrs for them while actually focusing an actual 20 hrs on development work for my own company.

Meetings this week with potential partners

I will not overpromise and under deliver.
I will under promise then over deliver.

The thing is, because only part time I have not dug into correction of some issues in the space working in, for my employer and am acutely aware of some gaps they need tightened up. I need to step up to plate.
My boss took ownership of a gap.

So awesome
It was a mistake in my last job that my OLD BOSS ALSO made
One that costs revenue.

In that past job the old boss blamed me. That was unfair.

However based on job title ( funny I did not even then hold jov title THEN where it would be assumed it was my role to be responsible for this thing a yr ago my old boss dropped the ball on ) NOW I do hold a role/title where I feel like YES I dropped the ball! No one asked me or expected me to do this but I had expected to track this particular item myself.

Because I know the risk of not being diligent in watching this data point/ which is a cost.

EVEN IF the VP was doing it...this item to be tracked was on my TO DO.

For months.... intending to set up redundancy. As in my ROLE.... I FEEL RESPONSIBLE

I am not yet ready to market and roll put my own consulting company and do serious business developmemen just yet ....

BEFORE I do so I am getting MY HOUSE in order.
Meaning the space of my employer's company.

Hell I am really good at process improvement. Better at setting up the systems and procedures and capturing clear policy than many as I NEED clarity for my own consistency.

I meet with a expert I worked with whose jam is project management of Process Improvement in operations this week. I am better as a novice than some. But I want to hire the best experts I can if I were to even consider offering that as a service of the company I am starting. Only way to do that is see which/ who are on board at onset in BD phase willing to commit. So reached out and am chatting with some pros I have worked with over the years.

My gaps: compliance in Sarbanes Oxly, Accounting standards, FINRA compliance, Pricing pn Sales side ( yeah I know its easy....for some. I FLIP digits, I run accurate #s then copy and paste wrong fro. My excel....oh yeah thats why I SHOULD be tge big picture person and HIRE the right detail oriented folks!)

( Funny I interviewed for a job at FINRA once).

My web designer is so good however I gave her my mission statement and vision and it was very focused on the part of the business process I do daily work in. All the very specific tasks. The negotiation and crafting deals. The amending and updating technical statements of work and tracking deliverables. I have done a TON of RFP proposal support but do not want to focus on that. I gave her the misson statement ( I wrote it a couple months ago) and vision a month ago. Then we dug in the weeds and worked on details of logo design then look and feel of web design. Then I mentioned how what I really loved most was the process improvememt work.

I was good at it when I did it in the Operations space.

I like the big picture.

SO I said that looking at the big picture and each phase of business development from pitch to close of agreement to capturing in contract then managing it to closing a project in relation to the space I work in is where I can have tremendous added value as a consultant.

So I sent some links for the whole contract management lifecycle and explained where contract management process improvement truly has value by reducing risk.

She completed the design of the site. She put draft content in.

It is amazing. I did not tell her as its a draft ...
But she definately forgot my initial narrowly targeted mission and vision. ( Emailed weeks ago) I am also content manager! So she runs with what I SAY! That small typed out targeted narrow mission statement and vision of areas I am COMFORTABLE in my expertise of ( and interested in) was not what the draft site shows.

I dropped RFP proposal support emphasised ... ( I want to pick up consulting work that will not pose a conflict or possibly be with a potential competitor of my employer and nixing proposal support as marketed offering is an easy way to avoid that.) Well , ALL that content I envisioned and thought would be tied into the contract management lifecycle showing why professional review and drafting of agreement will reduce a business owner risk at each phase, got lost apparently in that which I got MORE excited about talking about! She is aestetic designer and marketing guru for look feel editing and SRO RSS feed expert so that is her thing. My thing is content.

So the draft site was amazing

For a company expert at providing end to end contract process simplification.



And like that the vision of my mission statement I thought was done is now its first draft , and needs editing.

Because that excites me.

Had I come into my current job almost a year ago MORE focused on that....

Well... they may have fired

You can't force change or growth or process improvemvement where one is not ready yet.
They have yo be reasy for the pain of growth.

But you can encourage.
I did the first part my own gap analysis.

I then focused on learning and doing the work in process/ systems as they were. I wanted to be ecoert at their baseline before switching it up.

But realize that was not necessary. I likele could have fostered more impactful change. Likely could have led more, rather than following lead.

So my vision of my company offerings have changed. But before I put a message out of what I can do I must have at least fully engaged in successfully have done it in the space currently in!

Had I followed through on my gap anslysis done with project to completion my boss would not have been takimg ownership of her mistajke and oversight.

Huge props to my comany at and her. She will never know as I take NDAs seriously, but in past I was thrown under bus for an old boss making the SAME EXACT MISTAKE.

I know how to prevent that!!!

Its an amaxzing site! But she ran with me saying I would like to also offer process improvement with that appearing the primary service offered.

The nitty gritty daily work stuff is there...but in a drop diwn somewhere. A tab of offerings.
Up front is message of experts helping companies organize and cohesively get a handle on their contract management process.

Simplyfying Streamlining and Creating efficiency while reducing risk.

Love it!

But first...before I roll that out with such offerings, I need the A team for FOLLOW THROUGH.

I sm Great at vision!
I need a team to execute and deliver to EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.

I can not do that solo for process improvement.

Daily transactions and nitty gritty..sure. That I can provide solo.
So this week I meet with potential collaborators to clarify my vision and align it with reality.

Will see if that amaxing site authentically represents my company OR if it needs the edit to narrow focus to accurately represent what I can do. I can do gap analysis! I can't YET offer end to end solutions!

But I might be able to.
It starts with a vision; and collaboration of actual experts.

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