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2022-02-11 - 1:36 a.m.

Randomly while looking for something ( actually email for reference) via google

Up popped article from local small regional paper with story of Leesburg VA disbarred attorney given 5 yr prison sentence in Sept 2021-three yrs of course supervisory probation cause he is a good white boy never in trouble before with a Dad as " respected" retired judge.

Disbarred attorney happens to be son of the same retired judge I encountered whom I questioned ethics of...
I mean he signed off on bullshit

Like the order to destroy case files under guise of BS space constraints.
My case history

And when I found that info on line in the only revord left. Electronic history of case filings...of the motion to destroy the records

I Was astounded.



Interesting decision found from the judge yrs eaelier.

Maybe his disbarred attorney son will become another Merton too...

Dang I should not be bitter...
Or cynical
Lots of time has passed....

Likely judge's son was battling addiction based on large sums embezzled....

Going back to bed.

That just WEIRDLY RANDOMLY popped up...

And I thought...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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