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2022-03-10 - 12:52 p.m.

Great article.

I made a new twitter cause the old one was not accessible.

OOPS I did not think the board of the one non profit would have an issue...
but some are worried about it.

I do think they don't tweet..

And truly it was my mistake to not even THINK ABOUT it- I mean it did not even occur to me any of the board would be concerned. I mean it was not even in my consciousness (Really) that having a new twitter would be a concern to anyone.

YET about four years ago this board DID have a conversation BACK THEN about worry there was more than one twitter! They were FREAKED OUT when discovered a couple folks made twitter accts. (I was not at the time- and regardless of my opinion I should not Have completely NOT BEEN CONCERNED about their CONCERN. I SHOULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION TO IT so as to know to COMMUNICATE before creating a new one as the one I was using for the prior year but had not used in a while just was not working for me.)


I am not sending an email on this but here was my rant and thoughts ( just a vent to let go and then get some shit done.)

That is my one complaint about the lovely group of volunteers.

The most effective boards have COMMITTEES that they TRUST to handle some issues and LET GO of decisioning.
Why does everyone have to micromanage every decision of marketing when they are not micromanaging other decisions? Have some trust... let go of control...


I guess my complaint is sometimes I like to fly solo LOL OK I accept that. Maybe I was not the best team player but they SAID GO RUN A MARKETING CAMPAIGN
but then criticize when using marketing tools to do so...

It seems incongruent to me... Letting go ... yes...
and do better at looping all in...


Reminder to self- best practices.

I want to keep this in mind as start my own company. If I grow I will be sure to have a board that is distinct from MY LEADERSHIP to actually provide check and balances.

GOOD companies know that the CEO EGO needs to be kept in check.

LOL (not thinking of non profits now .. but other companies I worked with)

As far as the non profit-

Just taking the lump for now that I freaked folks out by starting a new twitter ( so I could tweet! LOL WHY did I do so? So I could market current happenings? )

I will try to be better at NOT Taking any actions without vetting them to the NEWLY engaged Marketing Director YEAH!! SOMEONE is officially taking on that role. There has just been challenges of course due to COVID impacting ability to be meeting and communicating in person. It is not surprising. And prior to that-

Whatever tensions there were among some of the other board members I tried to be professional and not get involved but be impartial and suggested certain actions to respectfully honor service of all. Some seem to have some polarizing issues...
whatever they were... among the board. I don't know their drama or care frankly.

Whatever it was... not my concern...

But somewhere along the way there was this *Feeling* Whatever drove some division became in some folks minds an us v them ( I don't knwo why some think that way... whatever) and when I suggested some actions it was seen as aligning...

with whatever side of whatever dispute I don't even know about

and some apparently seems to for some reason unknown to me still not be over whatever it was...

I am not too sure but whatever..

I do recall overhearing a "Fuck them both" while I Was being talked about along with some other person... and it was bizarre and surprising... the anger. Whatever. I kinda forgot about that.. Which is good.

Time they say heals wounds...

Not sure ( I mean MINE was healed I think long ago from overhearing that person's outburst and vent to a friend when I was still waiting for a ride)

But there are some strong personalities Some need to vent.
I know my one kid sounds much ruder and harsher than intended. Maybe that person too who was just venting their FEELINGS to a friend just needed to let it out.. and I was just THERE in the crossfire sorta... it was just a ripple of their emotion not meant or intended for my ears and really not even about me... I got that so I moved on... but what if they somehow were AWARE I heard after my RIDE PICKING ME UP showed up and I was then picked up and driven off.. hmmm.. maybe they were embarrassed and that person is uncomfortble with me now? STILL? Who knows...

.. I only kept doing marketing it as this board needs it done and no one else was doing it... and by default they had me...

I ENJOY doing that marketing work.

even if one leader doesn't like me... whatever their issue... or a whole board issue if they want to make it about professionalism and raise it.

I have ANOTHER NON PROFIT I can put my own efforts into. (We are working on getting programming currently.... I mean not much to market yet. ) ITs not as much fun to be honest. I mean a solely professional org is much less interesting to me than an arts org for my VOLUNTEER WORK.

Its the creative taking photos telling stories I enjoy.
For me my interest was all about the actual participants of the programs having THEIR STORIES told.

That is the fun part.

so here is my rant on use of twitter- ( Drafted as email not to be sent. I picked up the phone to chat with the one volunteer who is so terriffic that is taking on marketing moving forward thankfully! She is a literal pro and if the board will listen to her that would be so fabulous!! I think they will accept her leadership and TRUST HER.

I mean it is clear they didn't trust me after the decision to push one ad for an event (creative original actual art work that has a mispelling by the artist!)
Heck I was like- any marketing even with that mistake better than NONE.

MY oldest who does marketing understands the discontent. They said NOOOO YOU CAN"T PUT OUT BAD CONTENT!!

She emphasizes quality over GETTING IT DONE.

Agree ... to a point.
Except to the point where no one will know of an activity and show up WHEREAS If I pushed out the one advertisement HAD DONE and folks WILL SHOW UP then it is a valid choice to go with GET IT DONE
rather than NOT done.

Actually happy NOT working full time so I have the actual requisite time to work on items to get quality and not to be MOONLIGHTING doing this kind of stuff at wee hrs of the morning.

I did it as I really remain passionate about the work on any orgs that are empowering disabled individuals to CREATE AND BE THEMSELVES.

I think the difference is that Twitter is real time communication No one ( or VERY FEW except the account owner) ever scroll Twitter to read old content. 
Twitter is not designed to connect to links. 
It is basically just a blast of idea  to keep an org in the consciousness of an audience.  OR  an IDEA   or an EVENT  etc.... Its real time entering thoughts of its users. 
The tweet will pop up if as a user when an account is created the owner FOLLOWS other accounts and interacts with them. 
So the question of why the new twitter account was started was because:
It is an effective way to remind folks of what is going on with Arts for ALL so they may want to buy tickets to see the show; 
OR may want to check out an ARt class...
OR  IF mention GIVE Choose then they will have awareness Arts for All Participated.
 For the recent tweets we had 60 impressions.
EVEN if a few followers. Because before I tweeted I set up the new acct and the first thing I did was FOLLOW and click LIKE ON A BUNCH Of local LO CO arts or community non profit  tweets.  I spent a bit of time doing that. THEN when I tweeted     six folks immediate followed the new twitter ( as It popped up in their feed)
AND our tweet popped up and was seen by 60 folks total... BECAUSE I had interacted liking their content. 
That is the power of using Twitter. 
We have the impresssions of how many saw the recent tweets. 
I guess I felt like any tweet is better than no tweet-
CAUSE SOME   don't use other platforms and like Twitter as it takes only a minute to quickly scroll and read a few items for a break in the middle of their busy.

OK RANT DONE. kid texted and asked me to bring the physics class eggs. Apparetnly only TWO kids of the class remembered to bring in a raw egg for experiement today. LOL

One bringing one in today was my kid ( my other kid! LOL)

Not sure about the one who texted me.
Off to school
This is the benefit of working part time and from home.

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