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2022-03-16 - 7:36 a.m.

I am following part advise given to one of the ladies I am enjoying working through The Artist Way with-
Set a TIMER for quick morning pages (10 or 15 min- If you tend to write on and on.The morning pages are GOOD to write first thing but possibly ruminating and STUCK in that activity itself as avoidance of moving onto the next step? OF YOUR THEN JUMPING INTO THE CREATION Allowing self to freely express CREATIVELY in whatever other medium/or if a writer othee genre?)
and set YOUR TIME for your creative projects then as first priority of the day if you find it easy to meet all other obligations but fail consistenly for

So here goes- SAY IN PART as morning pages are supposed to be THREE PAGES Of long hand journaling. If stuck can doddle or repeat an affirmation for three pages.

I find I should spend more time on affirmations. They ARE POWERFUL.

It is so funny as Julia Cameron is insistant the act of long hand in a private journa is necessary. I think because she wants the FLOW to happen
and like Joyce Carol Oates who also writes longhand that is the way it works for her.

I also think is is that one can DOODLE that way... it is not just words written by the constant kinetic motion; sound of pen on paper; FEEL

but I still think the SOUND of the clicking of keys is meditaitve and calming to me. I LOVED the clicking of the typewriter -
even brought that on the school bus in my drive to school

I mean that is something I AM PROUD Of that as a teen folks marveled I carried a typerwiter and pulled it out and wrote my papers on the bus.

I always was pretty cretive and inventive and thought outside the box to "Get it done" whatever it was.

This morning I read a meditation exercise in A Course in Miracles. I wanted to turn to that to clear my mind before AGAIN RE READING the Scripture that Pastor assigned me to pray over for Lent in a Devotional to share with our church.

I was really distracted on Monday when I wanted to write the devotional. I had read the Scripture passage and was not having great insight other than

WE ARE ALL CALLED to be disciples.

Well... no wonder as I was actually reading the wrong passage. It was TOO EARLY In the Jesus story to make sense for this time of Lenten reflection. I mean it was an OK passage but the crux of it was the clause AFTER The passage ended so I was trying to focus on the line before as to why the reflection stopped there.

AH I in my ADHD was reading and re-reading and reflecting on the WRONG passage.
I was in the wrong Chapter. The right gospel but wrong Chapter in which I was reading the verse/

SO I read the correct one but all day Mon was ruminating on something ELSE and just did not want my relection to be ABOUT THAT.I wanted to let go of the concern in MY HEAD in my THOUGHTS based on MY EXPERIENCE and then pray in reflection of LISTEING

I was not ready yet. I needed to clear my distress and sadness and my own triggering of a friend that was fired when stood up for what was right. That is her story so not telling it but just to say (As my 10 -15 min is being held to) That
HER Unlawfully being fired just Broke My Heart.

I had to process what happened to her; process her story; and was processing the show seen Friday night- still reading about that work and just had so much was THINKING ABOUT.

I really find A Course In Miracles helpful MIND TRAINING TO bring one's overactive mind to peace.

The best thing of all that helped me get out of my funk as I was down; seriously down on Mon processing this firing of friend-

I mean I worked only 1 or 1.5 hrs (forget which) as honestly there was nothing more needing to do ( my work not really in need of any process improvement! My dept TINY So yeah I can tweak the existing procedures and process manual but for most part they are DONE.... and I don't own the other processess so any imrpovements or tweaks there NOT MY LANE.) So other than that project for that which I OWN For MY OWN BENEFIT really just now. ( We are small- as we GROW That will help othes too)

At 15 min..... done
ONTO the BIBLE with hope my mind is clear of distracting thoughts and I can
1. Do breathing exercice
2. Meditate
3. READ the passage
4. Reflect on it
Actually then hear the word of God.

YEAH that is how it really works if you let it.
There will be clarity when one is able to listen.


Its the listening that is the hardest part. Stillness help and clearing the mind of trying to CONTROL.

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