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2022-03-17 - 6:35 a.m.

Theologically I have written about why the Bible is misinterpreted by some to justify the sin of homophobia.

YES homophobia is an absolute ANTI CHRISTIAN stance
as ANTI CHRISTIAN As racism and sexism.
I am not going to go on about this here other than the to remind when reading of the debauchery and evil of Sodom it was due to culture of a city where when two angels came there was pressure for them to HAVE SEX with some men in town and to protect them a dude offered his VIRGIN DAUGHTERS.
I mean how fucked up is that!!
VIOLENCE AND Then RAPE were the sins of Sodom.
What was the meaning of angel? Fairy? Effeminate? Gentle? I mean to me it seems the visitors were presenting QUEER non binary not conforming to hyper masculinity
and it smacks of violence against QUEER folk who are not hyper masculine but the male who has feminine gentle characteristics-
That is the interesting part of the story to me.
not necessarily being QUEER who are actually raped in violence by those actually homophobic. YES this is the irony. It is

"Despite popular belief, most
male perpetrators identify themselves as heterosexual and often have consensual sexual relationships
with women. One study notes that 98% of male perpetrators self-identify as heterosexual."

I mean there is debate but it seems the debate is whether the Main sin was PRIDE and not love of neighbor ( seeing the foreign person less worthy- as Lot was a foreigner in a service job essentially- so locals were selfish violent and being hedonistic!) and the sin is rather clearly RAPE

THE sin is hypermasculinity celebrating VIOLENCE and hedonistic behavior and HATING the stranger!

NOT Loving your neighbor.

The question of destruction of Sodom came to mind as was reading about Lot's wife.

[Interesting article here total aside... but interesting]

What is Christian is obedience to God.
That is one thing that is consistent.
I find this fasinating. As the message is consistent- Early in the Bible Jesus says
Follow me
Renounce all else, even if it means to leave your family
Bring nothing and follow me

As some monks have done. (Merton bad example in our modern times as really he was hiding out after having gotten a gal pregnant! HA I love to call that out depsite my affinity for his wiring and meditations... I mean then again Saul was trying to let go of his past and turn a new leaf... so I shouldn't judge... and Aquinas... but I guess the burst of bubble of my admiration of Merton when found of his humanity of his sin is something I am still salty about....LOL... just my emotional reaction of disappointment at the Hero tarnished.... human...)

There is an interesting pattern in the Bible, and is other stories of the directive to follow the path God leads one on and let go of ALL to do so.
To recreate self and follow ones calling.
This is quite fascinating as there are numerous stories where if LOOK BACK then there will be a demise.
The crumbling of possibility of the new future.

Here I am thinking of Hadestown

of the command of he in power ( Of course it is Hades in Hadestown) to

Don't Look Back.

Fascinating to me.

This is the words of Christ, of God AND
of the Devil when uttered by anyone else it seems to me. Of those who want to BE GOD's

IT seems the ultimate narcissistic stance when a narcissist wants to swallow someone whole
Have that person become utterly EMESHED in them
and renounce all the other parts of their life; their friends; their relationships.

and cut the person off for CONTROL.


YES There is this VERY STRANGE PARADOX that one must of their OWN FREE WILL Separate from their home it seems for a bit- as part of the normal adolescent phase of growth-
sever from parents; from family TO GROW
(and adolescence is extended in our culture.....youth is extended in our culture--- not being agrarian where parents can hand off a plot of land and with the large supportive community of family and friends and town then have a roof raising of building home and barn to set up for independence and success in starting their own life which is close by for all the support of family and friends).
NO in our economies many young are like the teachers and preachers of old who traveled to work in exchange for food and a roof over head while they were housed in the town they arrived in by those grateful for the wisdom they imparted while there.
And the laborors too....
were fed in homes they worked in; and offered somewhere to sleep it seems.

I think of this as notice the recurring theme So listen to this in
Hadestown if you will-

Orpheus needed to trust the love and not look back knowing his love was with him.

and the recurring message in the Bible to be obedient to God and Don't Look Back

and Lot's wife who was also told Don't Look Back or you will be turned to stone...

And of course Jesus himself- telling himself essentially he needed to go forward and not look back and change his mind but be obedient.

I leave you with this- the iconic performance from Jesus Christ Superstar worth a listen to as it is, after all, Lent.

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