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2022-03-26 - 5:32 p.m.

I am waiting for icing made with a roux to cool a bit more then get chilled in fridge before creaming butter and lemon juice and zest unto it.

I hope it comes out good! The lemon cake looks and smells fabulous as it cools.

Totally disappointed in myself as I was in the car after rushing to get the icing started ( I was going to leave it on the counter and go to see my kid's Winter Drum Line 🥁 tournament which is a big one, and the last of the year) and then ice and enjoy the cake with kids either late tonight or tomorrow .

I had in my head her percussion group performance was at 6:30.
It's an hr drive. Planned on leaving by 5 at the latest

So I left 5 :15 and pulled up the email when got to the corner of my neighborhood just to check instructions and directions etc...and see 6: 07 is her performance.

But I realized two things...the schedule Said 6:20 break down stage platform...

Dang the show is short and fast. AnD

My car having its funky engine drag... it does not accelerate up hills well ( slow!) And in level smooth highway only accelerates to 60 mph...

So every GPS estimate is off and I need to add about 5 to 10 min per hr estimated drive.

In other words, no way I was making it on time to see the show.

Sigh....The awards ceremonies for the whole competition start at 7 so I could have made it to that but decided to come back inside and cook dinner and ice the cake.

I will relax and watch some TV tonight and catch the recording the band director and color guard coach will officially share when it is out.

My kid won't be back at her high school til 11. Band competitions are no joke! They are much more competitive and serious about band at the high school level than collegiate in many regions. I have read of some college band students disappointed there are not the intense competitions they enjoyed.

I do hope this kid finds a college with a band and rolling admissions some point. . . That is a good fit. Not looking likely for next Fall but she will go when ready and knows the right place for her next step. She is not one to wing it. She won the "Most Prepared" paper plate award ( its a thing they do at this HS band end of season / yr parties). I have a feeling she will get it together and apply when she feels ready and prepared. For one program she needs 10 portfolio pieces ( as it is an arts program). The next year will provide a good opportunity to take some local arts classes in her area of interest to see if she really enjoys that and if so create some portfolio pieces in the event she does not land at a program starting this Fall. (It is still possible!). Will see....

On to dinner prep...Chili Lime Enchilada Chicken recipe and ingredients from Home Chef which has been a good investment for my kids to cook with. They made a couple of the meals. I am still getting some and just double everything for the whole family and since I had a good coupon am ordering until that discount ends. I am enjoying the variety of recipes I never would have otherwise made. Their big cooking secret is: add olive oil and roast your veggies; add butter and cheese and spices to kick up flavor of everything. Oh and their cuts of meat are all soaked in solutions- so they keep but honestly are not the very best quality. But they send good quality sharp cheeses or smoked cheese....and. a nice base beef auju or chicken Glace which each clearly are flavored with red and white wine. Basic cooking tips....
but great if one is not an experienced cook. The other nice thing is that the portions are so perfect without waste for folks who used to cook for a large family but have to learn to downsize. (This is why I like this service!)

I have enjoyed some things I never would have thought of. Fresh Dill on roasted carrots, for example, was delicious and not something I would have done.

So I am enjoying their recipes. Good thing us you can keep the recipe cards and quit and have the ones you like to use regularly.

So I am going to get happy cooking.

Oh and the lemon cake was inspired by accidentally getting sent two bags of lemons in a Misfits Markets order. I missed customizing my order and for some reason got sent the standard box and it had two bags of different variety of lemons. I tried ordering from them months ago and in dead of winter they were awesome!! They send good quality produce and I have enjoyed the home shopping My one college student actually used to do alot of the grocery shopping all through high school as he enjoyed it! HE has a sweet tooth so would happily get my whole list in exchange for being able to get whatever sweets and treats he wanted to pick out to share with all. It was the ONE chore that child did! So I never complained as it is a big one to take off my plate! Interestingly as he has matured when home from college he pitches in doing chores more than the kids still living here now. Basically he has matured- and that is great to see! It happens... eventually... . I will cancel that Misfits Market account eventually.. but during Covid it was great to have that delivery. I however do think the shipping materials and costs are not as environmentally friendly as going to your local market just because there are resources saved through the bulk shipping to stores as opposed to sending small packages with their ice packs and packing materials. They say the gel packs are "environmentally friendly" but honestly I am a bit suspicious and wonder how they will affect our drains etc over the next few years. Hey there is my stock pick! I should research that- what companies make those gel things to keep items cool? Buy stock in them! Then be sure to sell it off at a gain BEFORE The news of environmental hazards are known... I joke.. but really isn't that what historically happens?

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