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2022-04-08 - 11:11 a.m.

Whew. Relieved the electric bill was paid already! I knew it was auto draft but forgot:
Which acct
And when

So reserved cash on hand in one for it.

Mortgage payment cleared and 2.86 left in that acct!! But my 2nd acct has $150 cause I thought the electric bill was going to auto draft.

Tight budget!
I forgot which acct the electric bill autodrafys and when that happens.

This is where on a rare occasion having shitty memory and ADHD comes in handy as turns out the bill was ALREADY paid!

My kid came home end of last week with permission slip for a Senior Trip. It's the freaking music students trip and therefore IMPORTANT to her!!

So lead time a few days before deposit due. Dang..

And they take nothing but cash. Thus is the same program where in past when I TOLD the treasurer my kid was doing band but I paid all bills and would have to wait one additional week for next payday ( this Fall) to cut the check for band fees
CLASSIST $/%=<;^% idiot with no common sense or empathy for kids refused to hand my kid the band TSHIRT, which they were all wearing for the first band performance in front of the whole damn school community

Cause my kids $20 t-shirt was not paid for yet.

Now the Treasurer had said " no problem" when I said payment coming NEXT week.

They don't take fucking credit cards for school music parents association events.

The Treasurer was empathic

But some fucking band mom being CONTROLLING was not

Ok. I WAS SUPPOSED to have gotten over this...

The show up
Bring donuts
Interact to understand her...appreciate her...
The Maryter type volunteer who is also controlling but trying to do good for the org....
I mean I did get it. I do appreciate her efforts but she did not see her blInd spots,

And what that does to the kid left out of uniform.

The fucking emotional abuse, public shaming
THE SYSTEMIC BULLYING based on classism.

Oh yes she was vocal. No t shirts til paid so standing there without one after her public attestations was really overt shaming-

Negative reinforcer of public embarrassment

Then the telling me " We don't need your help"

And thanking all the volunteers and me there invisible to her and leaders after having been really involved for the prior four years ! My older kids were in the music program and I consistently volunteered. Heck for two years I was a band mom at almost every home game organizing the uniforms and helping hand them to kids.

I mean if I had been there and this was anyone else's one final kid without a tshirt and I had $20 to spare I would buy that damn shirt for any stranger kid in the school before letting any kid go on stage to be shamed.

Whatever...ok I need to be over it. One mom.It was one foolish mom....

The org still good. She is a temp leader...hell my two older ones were valued. I was valued in past. My two older ones EACH won the end of year scholarship they give each yr to a few kids for college. It helped much.

This kid however had struggled with depression. Can see why.. so many reasons.

But this kid is excited to go with friends on the band trip so I was so relieved as yesterday wrote the check and thought "They likely won't even get to the bank and post before the 15th next pay day"

But just checked and see YeS!! Turns out The $150 reserved for electric bill and gas money not needed. The bill already went through my other acct!!

Thank God. I also had prescriptions for other kid to pick up.

Charged kid NEEDED their medication. Of course Dr. Called it into out local pharmacy and we found out that is the ONE pharmacy in town not accepting our new insurance.

It's been a challenge getting this medication!

Controlled substance. So getting it transferred to new pharmacy not able to be done. Dr. Has to call it in. But....Dr. is wicked busy in demand specialist. First I went all the way to DC TWICE and they kept saying it was not ready. Turned out kid needed to see Dr. In person as due for follow up. 3rd trip to Dr.... called into local pharmacy.

I mean it's been three weeks without the medication which is significant in overall health but EDS pain mitigation and energy levels most if all.

So finally I paid out if pocket using GoodRx

Thank God for that discount plan. It is just so ridiculous paying for an insurance policy and it being so difficult to get medications. The other scripts were supposed to be transferred bit when I called the new pharmacy in town Saud no record of them. I purchased one.

There are five or such more for this chronically
ill POTS/ MCAS /EDS person with asthma.

Waiting ...

The rest are NOT controlled substances.

But my kid is functioning and doing pretty well. They fought to get transportation so thankfully nkw catch a bus to school every day.

They also filed a complaint with Office of Civil Rights as there was no reason my kid was kept put of school until we hired a lawyer in the Fall and went through administrative review and threatened lawsuit I'd my kid not enrolled.

Proud of this kid getting straight As in tge last couple HS classed.

But no wonder my kid is like

and feels like once out of this school likely never will want to step foot near it again.

I have to respect that.

The other will walk. I will throw a party for both

I wish both graduating seniors would want to proudly walk.

Hell especially the one the school tried to not enroll.

I encouraged walking proud to have succeeded despite obstacles and active resistance trying to push this kid out.

My young adult has no interest. So be it....

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