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2022-04-09 - 12:46 p.m.

In other news
I got new windows a few months back.
I was skeptical of the claims I would see the difference in energy efficiency.
Just checked my bill. My energy consumption from last year is down

500 ( I forget what the measurement is?) Less watts? whatever the measure less about 500 per month being used since the new windows.

From 2900 to 2100 in Feb for example. Each month a similar trend.

WOW they were not just giving a sales pitch.


I really wanted new windows for safety and comfort. I have had literally THREE FIRES in my townhouse since living here! The old windows were really hard to open which made me think replacing them was essentialfor safety.

Two appliances caught fire-

One was an electric can opener on which the cord melted and I had not realized it was compromised. It burst into flames while I was home working on day ( years ago!)

2nd an outlet caught fire when I had a family living in my basement. The teen boys had lots of electronics and we think it overloaded.

3rd was last year when a nighlight melted ( OK not really an appliance. But the 2nd thing that caught fire) and it seems the fire either started in the nightlight or in the wall behind it?

Not sure which

I also just THREW OUT a space heater as the end of the plug showed BLACK signs of being singed.

Overheating of the outlet? A poor wiring connection? Or was the burning started in the heater itself?

I have to have an electrician check that outlet.

I literally purchased outlets and new switches to swap out and replace and ensure they are ALL on tightly and to code in the whole house (other than my basement).

After the Last basement fire- the nightlight one- which was the 2nd time the basement had a fire!! (From a yr , maybe now two?) I had hired an electrician to re-do all the basement outlets.

I wanted them ALL re-done with new hardware and to be sure they were tightly attached to code.

BUT it was one of those NEW outlets that overheated with the space heater that showed melting on the end of the cord.

So I need that one checked yet again!

There was a fire in my development just a few weeks ago caused by a toaster than caught on fire.

I changed my habit to unplug the toaster and all appliances that are not being used WHENEVER I Travel and OFTEN ! I don't Always do it but most often do so- and just plug the toaster back in before using it.
On occasion I forget to unplug it but that simple behavior shift of unplugging more often than not and NOT LEAVING cell phone or laptop chargers plugged into a wall when not in use can SAVE LIVES.

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