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2022-04-10 - 6:47 p.m.

DARN! Darn doing my taxes as the missing W2 was here all along!

THIS is the ADHD moment of the week. I just pulled it electonically and am literally in the middle of filling out the tax forms.

Lo and behold... find the W2 was just folded such that the content was inside and I did not see it. I thought it was just the exterior envelope but it was the WHOLE thing-the whole form RIGHT there just inside out so to speak- folded and I did not realize that.
I thought it was ripped off and not there.


But darn in other news just as doing my taxed THEN I get these texts from YOUNG LOVER.



Taxes at least have never been this much fun!!


But have to finish as need to make dinner soon. So can't really screw around wasting too much time with him..,. but the few minutes were a truly fun suprise flirtatious respite.

just as I swear off men....

of course.....

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