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2022-04-12 - 4:59 a.m.

That Valtrex I am so annoyed that my Dr. and Nurse Practicioner failed to fill the prescition of

which as I mentioned before I noticed a MARKED improvement in my cognitive function when taking....

I talked to my psyciatrist about how that drug was found to assist those with bipolar diagnosis

which in fact some speculate at times is really caused by --
what else-
an actual viral illness creating inflammation in the brain.

Back to that reality mental illness it most oft actually caused by a physical ailment JUST LIKE MOST disease
if the physical ailment affecting the brain is treated, whatever is most often a cause of inflammation-
well then the symptoms of unstable emotional regulation are improved along with other physical symptoms.

Mental illness is physical illness

Just of the brain.

So freaking obvious to me! I just am baffled nurologists are not consulted more often when there are signs of mental illness.

Well I write this now as I am ABOUT to go to sleep after--

Did you Guess?

Still working on taxes.

I mean I have multiple family with chronic illness. How did I FORGET The monumental task of gathering all those receipts and scrubbing through every bank account and credit card and paperwork to account for EVERY medical expense?

I have a folder for all the essential items and at tax time I pull out the folders in which I save everything the old fashioned way- and the ledger each item in its category in an Excel.
I audit my bank accounts to cross check just in case there is any payment to a medical provider or phamacy I don't have the receipt saved for.

I mean it is thousands of dollars out of pocket for us.

I know I am missing things- so am not FINISHING the taxes until I consult with the adult child and ask them to go into their room and pull any of the medical docs / receipts THEY Have- as I am SURE There are some in there which I do not have a copy of.

I mean my kid is on MANY medications and the itemized list with that kid's name is a bit thin--- it is missing much.
I have been driving the adult child- who is a student and a dependant- but I was not careful to get the paperwork after each appt. My kid is handling their own health care ( with my help to just scheudule and get them there sometimes and of course pay the bills! LOL).

So as done more results came in- the herpes antigen one. Expected.

And I was reading about the numbers shown-and about how the antigens are in fact a protein that is created - or are created by a protein ( not clear on this but there is elevated levels of protein creation when creating the antigen/or antibodies- one of the two. I get enough to understand a correlation of increased proteins when fighting the virus. There are also increased protein in urine when have a kidney infection so that makes sense ... a correlation there.
Protein in urine is an indicator of kidney disease.

So basically when fighting a virus extra proteins are created which are needed to for antibodies/antigen (one or both of them- again not clear which but either is ENOUGH to get the point)

So I immediately thought of this- the research I read of before-

So yeah I am kinda annoyed at those who are so selfish to not care for others. What if when you are irresponsible and for the sake of your sexual pleasure are giving someone a virus which were known to be the cause of Alzheimer's?

How would THAT change the conversation over whether to not disclose is criminal?

We can wait thirty years to find out....

That is, those of us who don't have Alzheimer's by then....

Off to bed. My taxes ALMOST done. I just wanted to keep going once I finally got focused and in the zone working on that return. DAMN it is so much work.

It is much easier to be focused at night sometimes. I don't do this often! Prefer to sleep at night and keep a good routine- but for something which has an actual deadline and for which I need to get info from OTHERS I figured best keep going to get all done that I can.

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