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2022-04-22 - 9:12 p.m.

I got about 80% of room cleaning done and am wiped. Just ready for sleep. Just a bit more picking up of clutter then running the vacume and its finally done.
I hope to have energy in the morning.

I am going to settle in with a silly magazine

Got a free subscription for some promotion of a few magazines.

Dumbly I forgot Poets and Writers was also choice for free
As was going to save myself some money!
I apparently forgot that I had filled out the offer with that magazine and then I renewed my expiring subscription so this month I received TWO issues of the same magazine.


I will likely fall asleep over silly Cosmopolitan before reading that one. . .

Tonight going to read about sex rather than go have it

( heck it being Cosmo I am not joking as they won't publish an issue without one good sex article! It's all about balance. . . Lol)

I do have the option...if I want to leave my house..

Just got a call from Art who finished moving his chicken coop.

He is ready to plant. . .

Funny he is tending to land and taking care of his family homestead ...
As caring for his father there this afternoon.

He sounded so tired I am sure he would be asleep by the time I arrived!!
And not yo mention he is dirty after his chores..and he called me saying he was so tired he just dropped into bed and called me... thanks....

I waa thinking how nice it is to enjoy the comfort of the new clean freshly laundered sheets of my bed in my Jammies with windows open on this lovely evening. At 5pm as I sat on my porch relaxing a bit after work I was so content and also relishing the time home alone so happy to not have to rush to go out somewhere
I just want to get this space clean and organized and relax in it.

THEN, when done I might be ready to invite Art here! But I need to get it orderly and the deep clean that is overdue done first.

Truth be told I am comfortable having him come over when everything " lived in" messy. Lol...but this is a self discipline thing to motivate me!!

We have a party for a mutual friend at an outdoor venue we both were invited to that happens tomorrow.
So goals: finally finsh room cleaning!
Zumba!! ( if up early enough. My friend runs a super fun Sat AM class I finally got in habit of going to but me knees hurt from swimming last week so I skipped it. I notice significant improvementin my energy when starting day off with exercise. ) To do:
Buy dish detergent ( ran out)and grocery shop
Clean kitchen
Make a dish to share for the party
Practice 🎸

Then party time tomorrow!...

Hell just dozed off...already... a couple times. I don't even need a boring magazine to knock me out...

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