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2022-04-22 - 6:29 p.m.

Hilarious that the night I said no to going to the NY Mets game with my friend one of his friends saw him on TV at the game.

Looks like he did not find someone to go with him but I think it great he went out alone to enjoy one of his favorite things himself to be quite honest!

He is a huge METS fan!

His date with self.

He was happy to let me know he found a local Mers Fans Meet up Group since then and caught another of the recent games with them.

I just saw the post as had not been on his social media at all. Thought of him just now. We had some nice chats over past couple weeks. Glad he is comfortable being just friends after we hashed that out.

Back to cleaning as I am on roll finally after it taking all day to get time to focus on cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. Kept doing it piece by piece a bit here and then another small task there but just need to focus and get it done.

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