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2022-04-23 - 7:52 a.m.

HA HA Today's horoscope is calling me out:

"22 - Are you willing to do the necessary work that a relationship requires in order to actually thrive and succeed? The Moon is in Aquarius and in your 6th house. People quite often want relationships to be easy and go smoothly without actually having the willingness to put any real effort into making things work.

Your romantic life, just like any other area of your life requires that you dedicate your time, energy and love to it. It is the way that you interact with your partner in your daily life, that establishes the long term nature of your partnership with them.

This is a great time to reflect on whether you can afford to devote more of your self to doing the practices that allow you to have a fulfilling and happy relationship."


Art suggested I just ride with him to the party for our mutual.
I said- "Well I have to be there longer than you- I have to be there early as meeting my Artist Way group"

I did invite him to join us if he likes- but honestly did not do so at first!
HECK if he wanted to he would have expressed interest in that months ago...
honestly it changes the dynamic.
and this is the FIRST in person meeting of the ladies I have come to have this carved out space for our personal development.
I guess I was not keen to SHARE that unless someone specifically WANTED to enter the activity genuinely.

But this is ART who introduced me to that book years ago with the story of how it was transformative for him.

I said something like "Well if you can get your stuff done and can take that much time and go early let me know and I can pick you up. The problem is I have to be there an extended period as I am sceduled to sing at 5om I think."
So I have to be there all afternoon.

The party runs all day. My friend the master party planner found a winery with outdoor space and hired her friends who are working musicians and have others donating talents for the fun of it. She hired an Irish Dance troupe as well! (My oldest took Irish dance lessons as did my friend's oldest at some point when young! They offered classes in an after school program. Our kids were friends. I met my friend when the kids were in activities together. Its a funny thing both her oldest and my oldest share the same exact birthday- just one year apart!)

I alwasys thought her oldest would end up going to art school. She is exceptionally talented.
I just remembered a drawing she did that I think my one kid still has as it was so good.
But I digress.

Floor in room being cleaned by the robot!! It was motivating to turn it on and hustle to pick everything up out of its way. I was NOT READY For it to take off- but put it down anyway and that literally FORCED me to move fast! ha ha
It worked...
I first put it in the CLOSED bathroom as worked on the bedroom. But then I let it loose before done picking up and it compelled me to move MUCH more efficiently!

It looks like there might be light rain.
I am going to head over to ZUMBA anyway. I can do my grocery shopping near there and either get stuff to make Spanikopita for the party of just pick somehtin gup.

Came on line for ONE thing..
need to figure out EXACTLY how much my budget is BEfore go shopping and head to Zumba. (I hope they start at 8:30 today not 8AM! I always forget which it is.)

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