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2022-04-28 - 10:39 a.m.

5 min vent Why oh why did I just let the dog go outside? She duped me. She gave that look and all the signs she had to go to the bathroom...

I was working and not really thinking when opened the back door.
AS I ALREADY WALKED HER in a long lovely walk this AM.

She is FIXATED on getting outside so she can climb through the fences and run around the woods of the farm behind me.

I should have known better as she took off immediately on her monrning excursion.

So my theory that if I WALK Her well she will not have inclination to do this is busted.

She just wants to be outside running around.

I ordered a zapping collar but it never arrived... need to look at my credit card receipts and see if that ever was processed? I think it wasn't for some reason... and need to re-order as apparently they work pretty well for adventurous dogs so I am told.

I do not want her irritating our neighbors.

In good news my back lawn FINALLY looks good this year!
I turned over ALL the soil and broke the WHOLE thing up a number of years back and seeded with a shade mix.
As many weeds seemed to grow as grass! It was disappointing after all the work. But last year I went out ( and felt like a crazy person obsessing doing this) and dug out EVERY Weed I could find by the root. I was on a mission! AND kept at it with vengence because they HAD NOT SEEDED Yet and would any day. So I wanted them all out before seeding. It started to rain and I kept at it ( that is the part that made me LOOk like a crazy obsessive person! HA HA )

I then intentionally let the NICE grass grow tall and go to seed. I pulled all those seeds from the side where there was grass, and added topsoil to fill the holes on the half of the lawn that was all weeds and them spread the seed and hoped for the best.

SO there you have it: MY lawn care recommendation for those on tight budgets who don't mind doing the work.

You just need to pull what you don't out BY THE ROOT before it seeds. Buy only some good topsoil ( I mean its like 3.00 a bag here at my local Southern States); and be willing to clear some long grass after you have seeded the patchy areas of your lawn with the good seed you let grow.

THEN if you have GRUBS apply Milky spore. Best time is FALL,

Now the interesting thing is grubs and I presume from Japanses and also the brown beetles I see, oh wait- that brown beetle IS the Japanses beetle... ha ha... yeah that sucker.. is what made my lawn a mess; along with the moles and voles and racoons and anything else that wanted to feast off the grubs.

Well I swear I keep forgetting to apply the milky spore I bought! I HAVE A BIG BAG OF IT... far too much I think than I will need. But heck will someday put it out....

I just read can apply in Spring! This year will do it to keep the nice lawn! Its actually for the first time really nice this year!
Few weeds and lovely soft grass but for some nice wild strawberry and clover which I like.
and those little liliacs.. those are lovely too.
some buttercups.. as well... its just a nice lawn!
(I actually planted a few more buttercups but put them in a flowerbed.)

I had been pulling out by hand any grubs I could find and I think between that an the STINK bugs that were here en masse that grub population is down. I really think honestly the stink bugs helped my lawn tremendously!

So although I did not have the tuplips I hoped for; I did go out a buy some to enjoy INDOORS along with poppies. When they were at their end of bloom life I planted the plants outside and I have to say even the foilage of those kicked up my garden a bit.

I am sure the poppies just died.. I have scattered seed and tried to grow them without luck many times.

I did get the delight of one batch of white with blue accent tulips DID emerge in my backyard. So I had some tulips that came up just after I thought there would be none.
AND there are some whitebells that came up which also are a nice suprise.

I planted a bunch of bleeding heart plants and it looks like only two survived. ( I think I planted six? Three in one section and three in another!) At least two are growing and survived and came back. That is one of my favorite perennials.

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