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2022-04-29 - 9:35 a.m.

Peeps out there.
For finding medical providers that take your insurance it is SO EASY.

So convienient.
Taking a minute to upload insurance card and getting ready to see a Dr. to get a steroid to stop the gross weeping of my intense poison ivy.

It is disgusting...

I apparentely am now highly sensitive and suspetiple to it.

THose roots I zealously yanked out to make the garden plot lovely...

YEAH apparently now I realize they were poison oak , ivy or sumac. Those trees removed could have been sumac.
OH and the practice found has a policy May not log in more than 15 min early OR 45 min late! YEAH!! THey are so awesome!! working on docs straight for the 9:15 appointment which they are STILL HONORING as apparently the upload of my insurance card I thought I did this AM did not go through. At 7am I found a provider for the 9:15 ish.... appt... my kind of Dr. office!! THEY ACTUALLY TREAT and understand those with disabilities like ADHD and see them worthy of being seen EVEN If running 15 min late ( I was only running 2 min late--- as typical-- but now it is much later navigating with their intake for insuance billing who is processing and assured the appt is still on!) THAT is decent customer service. Heck they make you wait in waiting rooms sometimes...I have no issue with that and never have. As long as they see me after arrival when it was in fact a reasonable arrival time. (I don't even begrudge the 15 min window as in if past 15 min of appt time well you snooze you lose... and get a $100 fee in the case of most local doc here where I live for a NO SHOW... I GET IT... I accept that BUT AM THRILLED when they are MORE accomodating!) ADHD is expensive.

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