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2022-05-14 - 7:16 a.m.

1 min vent

Dang I am a woman with the pearl earring.


Where the hell did that other earring go and why is it in my jewelry box next to TWO Faux pearls (Which undoubtedly came from my mothers' jewelry given to me.)

I actually recently tossed some of her faux pearl necklaces which were worn and the outer coating flaked off. They were not worth keeping as I have enough of her jewelry for sentimental value. In fact I think some of them came from my NY grandmother. The funny thing is she was a socialite in the 20s who had a very wealthy stock broker father and LOVED to dress the part of being wealthy but was a Queen of costume jewelry.

She wisely gave away her jewelry to her loved ones prior to her death. I have a couple cherished pieces she gave me which my parents had given to her.

I have a ring sans its stone which is so lovely I was going to add a stone to it one day. I never did but it still sits with a cubic zercoina that came to me once ( likely when I was selling costume jewlery) as a sample of the quality...

A lone stone.

Well somewhere there is a lone pearl earring.

Just bummed and vented as I lost it apparently.

I last wore them in traveling visiting my son I recall.

Maybe Easter Sunday as well?
Maybe then I wore the faux ones?

Ce la vie...

The bummer is the real pearls are stark white. The faux a slight off white. I wanted to wear the SET that an old boyfriend gave and to me there is the obvious color difference.

Oh well... maybe no one else will notice. But it bugs me.

Oh and dang of course my artist date will know as he has an eye for detail but he too won't care as he is not a snob

even if he does have an aestetic sense.

I am actually very pleased he got over the perfectionism of not wanting to dontate a painting as it is in a crappy frame. He was very perturbed that he framed this painting years ago with what he could.

I think he often made his own frames but in this case it is just a basic narrow brown frame around a plein air. Plein air should have a wider frame to really offset the painting. He was VERY bothered by this crappy frame.

Its a beautiful painting. I am thrilled he is willing to part with it in order to support the arts org...
Its a pride thing for him that is it not framed properly. It is one of his earlier works.

He has not shown in this area in a while.
Last show I think was DC gallery; and some work in Southern VA towns. An arty town he has his studio in. (He still has a rented space for his larger sculpture works there.)

In any case. I am so happy Art is painting again.

I had a tour of the home studio which was just unbelieveable to me. I mean the whole experience of walking through with him and hearing of each piece was nothing short of magical.
Other worldly

I mean he really does follow the Artist's Way in that his work comes when he is in fact feeling divinely inpired.
Religious themes are strong in his work
I mean they are perhaps all there is for his work

Its all God

He is a conduit

Its a funny thing to some who don't undersand this but that is in fact true of many artists.

They see themselves with a gift given that they just flow and let happen.
The mysterious alchemy of creation- they work hard to learn the skills and be ready to receive whatvere inspiration comes

But they often say it is when they let go of ego
when they get our of their own way
and don't focus on self
that the work just flows and creation happens.

Its just amazing to see his work and hear of the meaning of each piece for him.

The other incredible treat was to see the work of his mother who was a working artist. He learned from her. She was so incredible proud of him being as talented and working as hard as he has done.

It was incredibly moving to see her best pieces.

AND to see his best works -
the one she chose to hang over her bed.

It is this incredibly detailed plein air. And I can't help but be moved by the fact it is one he painted when we first met and were spending time together.

His recent girlfriend may have compelled him to burn the images of me that he painted which he won an award for in one local art show. But the incredible plein air of the place I introduced him to as I knew he would love painting there remains.

I never saw that before.
I never saw the work he had done then other than what showed in galleries.

This was the one his mother hung over he bed.

It was incredibly special to me to see the studio. He swore I had been there before. I had not. We always collaborate outdoors! I never sat in studio for him.

There was another interesting painting that he showed that I found fascinating. It was his painting of a vision he had. I didn't ask WHEN he had it. But it is this incredibly painting of the vision he saw in the clouds the night of a full moon. He said it was so vivid and like time stopped when he saw it.

A gryphon in the sky to the left of the moon; and a dragon image to the right of the moon.

This beautiful powerful image of symbols of two powerful forces that he felt were coming into his life- he felt like there was such clarity of the image and yet not clarity of its meaning for him other than there were forces in life coming he needed to be aware there was a gift of knowledge ( the gryphon) and also a gift with passionate power yet a darkness he needed to be wary of and take caution not to be overcome by (the dragon),

I did not ask when he saw and painted that.
But I find it quite fascinating.
I don't see the gryphon often represented anywhere.
It is my college mascot.
The Golden Griffin.

My bestie identifies with the dragon. It is how she sees herself; stuggling I think with her massive energy and not to be overcome by darkness herself when she gets pulled into negative spaces. I didn't voice it but seeing that image it felt powerfully like somehow we were there. Maybe that is just nonsense and narcissistic? But the fascinating thing is when I met him it was so funny as he heard me talk of my bestie and laughed as he had recently just met her - like perhaps a month prior to meeting me.
I called her and we both started laughing at the fact we both met and befriended this same man within a month.

She was interested in friendship only with him. He and I were intensely attracted and at first were friends only ( for about 8 mos) as I was in no position to even consider dating. I was not yet divorced and separated and life was an absolute mess for me at the time.

ART too was in transition and figuring out his next step. He was living in Annapolis and teaching at a college and a community center ( Art of course) and spending time in DC painting for tourists. He would get $500 a painting - plein air of the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin.

June and Art and I enjoyed lunch with Art and his Dad just a few weeks ago and she spoke of when she met him and how she could vividly see the sheer joy he had when capturing the beauty of those flowering trees. She spoke so eloquently and poeticlly of what a wonder it was to see someone so fully embracing life of an artist and how his joy made so many so happy when the watched and then bought his work which for a moment made them apprechiate the beauty of our world in a way they had perhaps overlooked with the business of life. They slowed down. They saw. They apprechiated. They felt this....can't call it anything less that sheer joy and love in the moment

He embodies that when he is in flow working.
And they wanted to take just a bit of that home.

Off to work. I wrote too long. today I do work at the retirement community. Car is packed and ready to go!
In any case it was a remarkable thing to see those paintings I had not seen before.
Remarkable to have this man back in my life when it is something I had not expected.
A gift indeed.

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