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2022-05-23 - 11:21 p.m.


I discovered Dr. Ramani who is SUCH a good resource for anyone who has delt with a narcissist in their life.

This particular video was really eye opening to me.

I did wonder why I attracted narcissistic persons.

This was surprising to me as for me it is the personality #3 and #4.

I should never have forgiven the FIRST moment of the narcissistic man crazy making and yelling and being abusive.

CRAP the Persons #5 as a magnet for attracting narcissists is of concern for MY KIDS. The normalization and habituation of narcissism...
and mastery at the work arounds when around toxic people.

AhI fell asleep writing.. should have gone right to bed tonight but wanted to just rest and read a bit and that article kept me u p longer! I worry about being a rescuer. Because I LIKE when helping others. I like getting things done. So I tend to be attracted to someone who will enjoy getting things done with me; but that can leave me attracted to being in the role of the helper. (I have seen this in friendships of mine).

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