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2022-06-04 - 3:34 p.m.

What a beautiful day! I enjoyed my meeting today with the ladies who have become my friends as we work on The Artist's Way . The Julia Cameron book really is marvelous.

Just relaxing now as came to walk a trail which is shady and cool. As I overdid it exercising last week instead of continuing to run or swim today I am just relaxing after a brief walk with my dog.

I stayed at Art's last night after a Fri evening of getting my chores done. I said I would come by after work and dinner and chores. I wanted to spend some time home to be present with my kids before taking off.

I so enjoyed the time with him and waking up next to him. I understand the pull to want to spend all your free time with your beloved. I get it....but also need to know I don't lose myself and get enmeshed and his desirevto see me ALL THE TIME makes me have the instinct to want to run thecother way!

I felt better when one of the ladies Said the tension of navigating boundaries always happens at the beginning of a relationship.
So true!
I realize I like my alone time! I really relish time by myself.
It has nothing to do with enjoyment of time shared with him but that I need my own space! I get my stuff done when alone. Today however has been a nice breezy temperate day. Chilling here on an Adirondack chair after the nice walk in the park with Bellatrix and going to take a little nap!

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