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2022-06-06 - 9:47 a.m.

This popped up today randomly
Interesting as I recall reading a psychology text in college and thinking thus described one friend to a T!

That friend was the one who later became my sister in law

Fascinating to me! Her emotional disregulation, need to be the center of attention and disrupting social situations by her crises made it hard for her to sustain friendships coupled with her fantasy that a guy she was into was serious about her when there were no signs of such. The description hit home so well for her. I think she seemed more stable once she did enter a committed marriage frankly.

But her teen/ college and young 20s were very rough. . .
with moments of instability seeming more than stable periods. It was crisis after crisis with seeming small things to most people blown out of proportion by her emotional response.

Since married and then having kids she seems much more stable but I lost the relationship with her upon my divorce. I do know she had job challenges to some degree.

Yet she deeply cared about and for others. It seemed her fragile sense of self was the problem


I see now the relationship between this and the narcissism of her brother. The children of abusive heavy handed old world parenting.

I am happy she seems to have a happy stable marriage with two kids and that role she chose seems to have grounded her. She always wanted nothing more it seemed than to be a wife and mother.

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