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2022-06-15 - 10:17 p.m.

So bummed.
My bank has revised their web site within the past year and the new site really stinks compared to the old one. There are capabilties of the old site not available in the new one,
such as-
in the past I could schedule a transfer ahead of time and then update- by cancelling or changing the amount, as long as it was prior to the date.

Being ADHD and not great at recalling everything,
or terribly organized
I can't count how many times I was SAVED by that feature of the web site!

where I set up some payment
but then was able to amend the amount;

or set up a transfer to pay a loan ( house or car) direct bank to bank
but then was able to edit some feature of the payment as it had not gone through yet.

I SWORE I tried to set up a payment on a bill to be scheduled to go through on the 15th.
I was very particular as had to wait til after pay posted.

But the darn transaction was drawn on the 14th!

I even went in to see if I could amend it - and that feature did not exist; but then it posted EARLIER than I intended and set up.

Bummer is now there is an overdraft charge... geez...

for something preventable ( in the past!)
'And I am not quite sure how the transaction was posted a day earlier than intended.


All I have to say is thank God for AMEX who will let me use my card even over the limit! I have a small limit for a reason as do not want to run up credit card debt! But just now... relied on it to out GAS in my car!

I went to see Art at his place last night and realized as driving my car was on empty!Just stinks to know I spent money on a stupid overdraft fee that could have gone to gas in my car.
Ce la vie...
writing to let it go...

To bed as super tired.
Tomorrow another day...

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