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2022-06-17 - 7:16 a.m.

I have been up for at least and hour and happy getting stuff done. It is just such slow going! I washed the dishes that were in the sink- since I had to wash the coffee pot to make coffee. ( Or rather chose to... it had been rinsed but was due for a cleaning). Then have been putting laundry away. Just attacking the pile in my room. The amount of time to put away clothes should never be underestimated! Taking quick break then back at it to get my room in order.

I awoke with puffy eyes from allergies and the dog sneezing. I took allergy medicine and we went for a nice walk; then I shut up the house and opened the basement door hoping the dehumidifier downstairs has some impact once the air ciculates from the upstairs as it is SO HUMID.

I swear there is a mold problem OUTSIDE of my home IN my neighborhood-
evidenced by the mold that grows on my porch when the wood is not treated.

There are also the cats that live here

I wonder just how large the cat popuation in the gutter is.

And I wonder if it is so large due to the kind cat lady that puts food out all over the neighborhood to feed the strays.

There is one who hangs on her porch, eats then leaves and has done so for years.

AH of course you can find anything on the internet

We have plenty of woods behind us.

BUT the less the cats are fed the more motivated they are to catch mice...just saying....

So here is a good overview on what to do if you love animals rather than feed feral ones.

Who wants to be the one to tell this to the Cat Lady whose joy is putting that food out and tending to her friends, whom she knows? Hmmm??

It may be a hard task to get her to hear it.
OH found this! I could become the crazy lady that walks through the neighborhood with a hand held sprayer trying to nuetralize the smell.... there is a thought! HA HA Hey I have friends who do volunteer work who dress up like Ghostbusters. NOT kidding Some non profit that does charity fundraising and they have been doing this for YEARS in the Buffalo area. I just envisioned them on a kill the cat piss smell in neighborhoods mission. HA HA Not a bad idea... I think I will pitch it to them. I am SURE there is some neighborhood in Buffalo that could use a community education campaign on NOT feeding the stray cats and a CLEANSING to get rid of years of uric acid.... if possible. It is also likely the DOG urine as the green space which is lovely and just doors from my home is also the dog walking haven. Things one doesn't think about when buying a suburban home near the green space which is dog inviting with its trash can and sign "Curb you pet". Invitational hazard.

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