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2022-06-23 - 5:57 a.m.

Today's horoscope YES This is very much where I intend to invest my energy and time. Growing my business to increase household income and stability.

"Honor the power you have in your professional and financial transformation by allowing things to unfold as they may when the moon in Aries stations void of course early today. Virgo, sometimes the greatest act of control is relinquishing it to let the chips fall where they may. Do not worry, your energy will gradually pick up later on when the moon enters Taurus. Your thoughts will become fixated on your next professional adventure as you continue to nurture your professional development by seeking out meaningful, valuable experiences and mentors."

Today's to do: ensure the business generation leads from web site are actually acessible to me!

They are going to an email address set up by the hosting provider.

That may be OK if I can figure out HOW to access it easily and regularly.

However my web designer identified that the reason I am not seeing inquiries ( I ran a user test of course!) is that is the email used she identified that.

I think I ASSUMED she would go in and update that code to have the lead generator send inquiries to my active business email. She build out a great interface ( Nice intro questions of business needs and what the person/business might like help with)- but only if it actually send messages to my ACTIVE business email address that I check daily is it useful! This is the MAIN Point of the web site so It has to be right. If I can't get it figured out I will call her to twak that part further and ensure the emails go to my business email; but honestly I prefer to not bug her further unless I HAVE to.

I can either log into the web site design space and update that email myself or not touch it and just use the other email provided I can easily access it.

EITHER are fine.
In fact I like the hosting company generated email as the one leads go to. That leaves me less vulnerable to phishing or service attacks, spam or hackers sending anything to the business email address I use.
Either is fine I suppose
and my business email IS the published one.

So maybe it is better the lead generator goes to the other no one else knows of?

IDK if it matters from a security standpoint.

IN any case that is the plan for what to work on as the step today in my business.

That and seeing if my SAM registration of my entity is good to go.

Way back when I bought this house the sole reason I got such a good deal and it was in my budget as a REO flip of a foreclosed property they had been sitting on a while-
was that the listing agent ran the zip code and up came a small hick town that uses the same ZIP code as the town I am in.

They ran comps.
Real estate less valuable in the boonies compared to in town; in the actual town I live in! (That is also a town but a tiny tiny town- albeit a cool little place with honestly the funkiest hippy mayor and freaking coolest vice mayor who I actually socialized with on occassion back in the day when I was married- as she is one of those rather well off socialites- she just ROCKS. Runs her own company, is an incredible gardener, restored this georgous stone home- basically she is amazing... but I digress.... Oh except that this freaking tiny hick town lobbied for funds to fix their roads for YEARS and then finally landed them. It was impressive how they improved this traffic problem with federal funds of a major thoroughfare which carries tons of traffic from WV to VA and DC every morning. This tiny town is on that route of commuter cars morning and night and needed some serious work for safety and to be able to reasonably handle the every increasing number of commuters.

Our area is FINALLY wise enough to figure out part of economic development includes transportation FROM The places people can afford to live to the places where there is paid work. Took long enough but they finally figured out services workers can;t afford to live her and if we are not going to fix the housing crisis (sure wealthy county, one of the most but THAT is the problem of housing instability for poor! THere is no where a service working can fucking afford to live! ITs quite disgusting I think the way planning is classist and racist-
and only when folks suddenly have no service workers to do their bidding do they care to think about the poor.
Oh yeah NOW we care- as we want to be able to have workers that can GET here to work-- but NO we don't want them LiVING HERE.

Fucked up.
BUT nonetheless at least some are getting over the fears of transporation bringin riff raff in...

ITs so fucking elitist.

And they are NOW FinALLY talking about extending public transportation out further west. About time as our TEACHERS have been driving in from West VA for years! They get liscened in VA but honestly can't freaking afford to raise families here! Hit any fire station, school , grocery store, hospital, old folks homes heck even bus drivers, and YES Even some cops, to find where the staff live and you will find WV is a pretty popular choice.

Our tiny school in our tiny village where I used to live had a couple elementary school teachers who car pooled from WV. That is a good choice in a snobby town!! HA HA

Three teachers I knew when my kids were there lived in WV. In a school K-5 with one teacher for its small class of 25 kids tops. (My oldest had 17 in her class)

OH main point before my diversion.

SAM did the same darn thing that the real estate agent listing this place did when I tried to register my business.

I figure I should register as a women owned disadvantaged small and see if any projects suited for me; or if anyone capable I KNOW will rock good work wants work also may want me to throw their hat in a ring for a job providing servive to our good ol U.S.A.

I can prime.
Not hard if you do good damn work and have no demons in your closet that are of threat and can get through a basic security clearance.

I may have a fucked up past regarding relationship having spiraled into abuse with an ex who fucking HACKED Me at some point
and hacked fucking end user sites of mine to financially destroy be...
(like MY BANK at the time, and the IRS records disappeared for a bit, and the VA state dept of taxes)

BUT frankly I don't think that would impact MY Ability to get a security clearance

BECAUSE I still think it doesnt make me CRAZY Or any threat to anyone, least of all the good ole U.S.A that I share the theory one can only get away with that and have no one give a fuck if
they are either so good and people don't give a shit about safety of woman until AFTER they are dead and then they ask "What happened"

OH yeah the FBI who were called and the local police and every one else talked to for safety when I was being given death threats did not take me seriously
and when my shit was hacked to disappear electronically

I am so surprised when this fucking REALITY bubbles up for me in remembering and writing and processing.

FUCK THAT characterization of me being "imaginative" and "paranoid" and all the fucking crap of it all in my head.

So my theory is not crazy that either no one cared
OR my EX was being protected as he IS in service to our good ol U.S.A.

as he was in his very distant past.
Sometimes those are the marriages that last longest

So fuck that being some sign of overactive imagination that means I must be "off".

IN other words I am quiet sane and KNOW I will pass even a fucking secret or top secret clearance as the one thing I NEVER WRITE ABOUT is anything with a fucking NDA.

I am tight lipped about that.

I don't fucking talk about work crap which is not for public consumption

BUT I CAN support a federal project with my work and have learned how to do so.

SO TODAY my professional step is to fix my SAM entity registration.

AS it initiallty made me laugh as it pulled up my address with the wrong town-

NOT the town I live in , but the same hick town that the real estate agent listed this place as being located in. Some database somewhere pulls that up with this zip code first.

I thought it ironic.
YEah, today will follow up to see if my service request to correct address was tended to so I may complete the SAM registration.

Folks needing work
I wil say it again.
The good old U.S.A. is the LEAST Discriminatory in its hiring processes; and offers the BEST place to work for ANYONE at all challenged by things such as
religious phobias - fear of those religious to point of exculsion OR contrary using religious belief to discriminate

Plain old fact that in smaller and private companies leadership sets culture. Those ills of society permeate our society but as a country, as a government our LEADERS in our government have been WELL AWARE of the challenge and evils of such. These challenging "isms" are present to varying degrees everywhere and are not a major threat if kept in check. I mean it is human nature to not be pefect and fears will exist which is why the feds set POLICY To aspire us all to BE OUR BETTER SELVES.
That is the beauty of our democracy. The one thing they really legistate and force the hand of taking away autonomy is to ensure FREEDOMS for all
so you lose your individual freedoms insofar as YOU ARE GOING TO IMPEDE On ANOTHER'S ability to live and thrive and co-exist.
That is the fucking beauty of our democracy.

FEDS have been WELL AWARE that the best way to have a healthy country in every sense of the word is when all are participating in this democracy while shutting down threats to democracy, and that necessitates ALL ARE ECONOMICALLY PART OF OUR SOCIETY and not disconnected from it-
thus TAXES for general welfare

"to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States"

That plurality of participation

a stong democracy is strongest when PEOPLE CAN GET WORK and support families

USA.JOBS is the best place to look for work for older workers, disabled workers, those fed up by being held back in some other spaces for whatever reason who are capable and hard working.

SAM.GOV also a good place for the business owner.

Biden increase the share REQUIRED by the federal govt of all spending that must go to small businesses.
It is now 10%

I feel like the government provides jobs first and foremost to ensure economic stability of our country.
Its an amazing thing how much work is offered via the govt.

I am on board with that.

Some don't consider the diversity of kinds of opportunities. It doesn't really matter what your skill set- there is a federal job with good benefits which one can find and ROCK AT in their later years happilly.
Be it blue collar or white coller, service work or more academic ( which is of course of service- but distinct in the kind of work).

YES it is a challenge to navigate the hiring process or get set up as a business in SAM reacy to rock and roll and look at RFPs and send in your proposals

BUT there is so much opportunity there that if someone has a strong work ethic and disipline to do the work-
they WILL Be successful and have stability of income with valuable work to be proud of should they put in the effort.

My motivational talk for today: Don't be fucking lazy.

If you want to improve your life don't just complain , do the work to make the change.
FIND what you need to learn,
look for the classes and the mentors and then DO THE WORK.

I have such little patience for those who complain but are lazy.

I have no issue with those choosing to have a low key life who are seemingly not very ambitious when they carve out JUST What they want and are content!! I fully apprechiate those like that. Truth be told most who SEEM like that are often consistently and quietly working HARD though they do so low key and without fan fare and attention and without desire to grow into something bigger than they are. BUT THEY ARE HAPPY And I respect that.

It is the folks who act miserable for not being who they want to be but who don't put in the HARD WORK for their own GROWTH that I can't handle being around for too long. I find them too frustrating.

OH and the rest of the to do:
String my guitar today

I bought the strings and will carve out time to get back to practicing.

and tackle the dragon speech to text software. That likely means a long phone call again ( I tried once.. I need someone from the company to get on a line and be willing to help if I am going to get anywhere).
The liscens said it was used already. Might be on my own machine? I may have installed it but not gotten it to work as something went wrong? Some component interrupted? Then with the re-install ( I think I tried twice) it thought it was already used?

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