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2022-06-26 - 8:35 p.m.



My issue with ACIM is that at times it is BS that one's fear is due solely to their perception.

Some actual acts are destructive and dangerous for other's well being.

I thought the boyfriend who was into ACIM used it to avoid accountability and that was the opposite of destroying the ego and rather the most self centered egotistical outlook of all.

I picked up my ACIM workbook a year ago but I only got through about one week and did not really get into the exercises.

I paid for Marianne Williamson's videos to listen to in lieu of reading but never got into them. I found The Artist's Way exercises more helpful for me to feel grounded and less stressed and centered.

At times I have found ACIM very helpful and calming but not now. I found it actually triggering as I listened to Marianne Williamsons reflections and coaching by her repeating lesson 13. I can't buy into this reprogramming the brain process of convincing self their fears are all based on their own perception right after having actual behaviors trigger me! IT feels like ACIM is downright DANGEROUS to victims of domestic violence. Kinda like those folks who act like take yoga and your chronic health issues will just ALL GO AWAY- Some of these spiritualists into New Age and ACIM thought take it a bit too far from reality and try to be so peaceful admist chaos to the point of tolerating alot of chaos and BS i just don't think it healthy to put up with frankly. So just now it is not the tool for me to find support with.

Ch 13 mantra is

"I am looking at a meaningless world/" THAT

is just NOT helpful to me right now!!!


That is in fact what I feel like is a source of depression for many, including my teens! They are so depressed as they DO see the world as meaningless! Not seeing meaning

I know the deconstruction done in ACIM leads to us not proscribing false negative meaning....


But thst lesson just was anxiety producing in this moment so it felt like a relief to find the article and read its critique. .

Whew ...

That helped me breathe!!

Just breathe

And no I don't subscribe to meaningless....

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